Spy x Family chapter 65 reveals shocking identity of Yor's new friend

Yor gets a new friend (Image via Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy X Family)
Yor gets a new friend (Image via Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy X Family)

Fans were greatly disappointed two weeks ago when an extra page was published instead of Spy x Family chapter 65. However, today’s release (July 24) has more than compensated for the faux pas. Readers have long since argued for a Yor-centric chapter, and mangaka Endo finally gave it to them.

Additionally, a new member of the central cast was introduced in Spy x Family chapter 65, and her identity came as a shock to the readers. Yet another Desmond was introduced in this chapter, and Yor obtained a direct connection to the plot brewing at Eden Academy.

Spy x Family chapter 65: In her quest to learn about normal mothers, Yor befriends a Desmond

In the last chapter, Anya received some encouragement from Master Henderson and resolved to work harder for the sake of Operation Stix. Her housemaster rewarded her with Tea Cakes, and these cakes opened the scene in Spy x Family chapter 65.

Yor goes shopping and rescues a lady instead

The chapter begins with Yor asking Anya if she wants something from the market. The girl wants the crunchy teacakes that Master Henderson fed her, and the “amazing cake” that Sy-On boy had promised to give her but never did (Spy x Family chapter 65 makes a note that Damian never promised any such thing).

Not knowing where to buy the cakes her daughter wants, Yor tries and then chickens out of asking her neighbors for help in fear that it might indicate that she is not a normal mother.

Yor muses that regular people must have their parents teach them how to take care of their children, a privilege that Yor never had. She goes to a departmental store and immediately misunderstands several salespeople when they use euphemisms to sell their products.

Spooked, Yor journeys to the lower floor where the bakery is situated, where she witnesses an accident on the stairs. A lady and her butler were carrying high stacks of shopping boxes obstructing their view. The lady slips, but Yor catches her and the boxes she was carrying in an impressive display of her reflexes.

Concluding that Yor must be an athlete, the lady waves away her protests and whisks her away, gifting her some of the cakes from the boxes the butler is carrying.

A rookie in a volleyball match

It turns out that the lady, called Melinda by her friends, is part of the Lady Patriots Society, a sort of club for mothers. They are playing a volleyball game against their rival club. And Yor, despite not knowing anything about the game, is roped in as the Ringer. Thinking that this is essential to becoming a mother, Yor enthusiastically participates.

The game goes horribly for Yor's team. Despite showing great athletic prowess, the assassin loses points due to not knowing the rules. However, Melinda patiently instructs her on how to play with the team, and Yor starts to have fun.

Melinda Desmond

Although they lose the game, Yor makes several new friends, and they go for tea. Melinda and others make Yor realize that not knowing what to do for your child is natural, and even mothers with years of experience struggle in that role. Reassured, Yor resolves to join the Lady Patriots Society and feels grateful to Melinda in particular.

Just then, one of the ladies brings up the fact that her child has received four Tonitrus bolts, leading Yor to discover that a lot of the women in the society have their children in Eden Academy.

Someone remarks that Yor's daughter is in the same grade as Melinda’s child. Melinda thinks about it and recognizes the name “Forger.” She then reintroduces herself properly. The last page of Spy x Family chapter 65 reveals that her full name is Melinda Desmond.

Final thoughts

While Spy x Family chapter 65 is a Yor-centric chapter, it once again relegates her character to the concerns surrounding her role in the Forger family. While there are some hints of her sad past and the details of her childhood, such as her lack of parents and a fateful encounter with the Shopkeeper, nothing concrete has been revealed as of yet.

On the other hand, Spy x Family chapter 65 makes Yor relevant to Operation Stix and the central plot. So far, Yor has been on the periphery, and all of her engagements have had their separate storylines away from Eden. By linking her to Melinda Desmond, this chapter gives Yor direct influence over Loid’s plans and the key storyline.

The appearance of Melinda Desmond is arguably one of the most significant and well-delivered twists in the series.

So far, readers have learned very little about Damian’s mother. The boy is always concerned about his father, and intimidated by his brother, but never thinks of his mother. Spy x Family chapter 65 introduces Melinda in a positive light, allowing readers to know her as Yor's well-wisher and friend first.

Therefore, when the reveal comes, not only is it a shock as most readers didn’t expect Damian’s mother to be alive, let alone appear in the series, but it also takes readers through a whiplash of a shift in perception. The way Melinda remembers Yor's last name, her placement of the teacup, and her reverse James Bond-esque introduction all indicate an awareness of Anya’s relationship with Damian.

Melinda likely cares about her son more traditionally than Donovan does, and that may make her an ally of Yor's. However, Spy x Family chapter 65 makes it clear that she may hold a grudge over Anya for punching Damian, especially since the chapter began with Yor remembering the punch. Hopefully, this new acquaintance will make Yor more invested in her daughter’s school life than she already is.