4 Spy X Family characters who are wholesome (& 4 who are problematic)

No one can hate this little gremlin (Image via Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy X Family)
No one can hate this little gremlin (Image via Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy X Family)

Spy X Family is not only a show filled with hilarity and clever humor; it is also one of the most wholesome series ever. Seeing Anya and her family interact with the chaotic world around them can melt even the coldest of hearts.

This endearing series is full of wonderful characters who can make you smile whenever they appear. However, there are still a lot of characters in Spy X Family whose deeds and motivations serve as a reminder to viewers that not everything in the franchise is sweet and wholesome.

So, in this list, we will show 4 of the most lovable characters in Spy X Family and 4 who can be unpleasant reminders of the cruel world they live in.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the author's opinion. It does not have an order and it contains spoilers for Spy X Family's manga.

Becky Blackbell and 3 other Spy X Family Characters who fans cannot help but love

1) Anya Forger

Anya is the perfect combination of funny and cute (Image via Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy X Family)
Anya is the perfect combination of funny and cute (Image via Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy X Family)

There is no character inside the Spy X Family universe who is as sweet and wholesome as little Anya. Every time Anya appears on screen, fans know that the scene is either going to be hilarious or tooth rotting sweet.

It is incredible that Anya is able to be as optimistic and cheerful as she is after the horrible life she led before being adopted. Still, now that she has a loving family, Anya is learning little by little what being loved feels like.

Her mental powers also play a big part in how much fans love her, considering she normally uses them to help people. Whenever Yor and Loid are having problems, Anya will do her best to assist her parents using her Esper abilities. Her pure heart, loving and fun personality, and her hilarious actions have enthralled fans since Anya made her first appearance.

2) Loid Forger

Loid is an awesome dad (Image via Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy X Family)
Loid is an awesome dad (Image via Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy X Family)

At first, Agent Twilight can appear like a cold and detached individual whose mind is always on the mission. Yet this could not be further from the truth, seeing as Loid is one of the most caring and genuine individuals in the series.

Loid’s dedication to his job comes from a personal desire to create a world where no kid has to ever cry again. This motivation alone is enough to prove how wholesome our favorite Spy is, but after learning about his tragic past, fans could not help but cheer even more for this amazing and complex character.

Fans also love that no matter how much Loid claims he is just pretending to love Anya and Yor for the mission, he is unable to hide how much he genuinely cares about his family. Loid is not only the best Spy in the world, he is also one of anime’s best fathers ever.

3) Becky Blackbell

Becky is always there for Anya (Image via Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy X Family)
Becky is always there for Anya (Image via Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy X Family)

Rich kids often tend to grow into little selfish monsters who take everything for granted. Nonetheless, Spy X Family has proven that this is not always the case thanks to the adorable little Becky Blackbell. Becky is Anya’s first and best friend inside Eden Academy.

She is the daughter of one of Ostania’s most prominent weapons manufacturers, meaning she has more money than most people will ever see in their lives. Still, Becky never acts like she is superior to anyone else, going as far as to claim she will always protect Anya while they are friends.

Becky is loyal, friendly, and is always ready to stand up for Anya when their classmates start to bully the little mind reader. She is also the perfect representation of a large majority of Spy X Family fans, seeing as she has the biggest crush on Loid Forger.

4) Bond Forger

No one in this world can think of the word wholesome without picturing a cute animal in their mind. For Spy X Family fans, this animal will always be the prophetic and gentle giant dog, Bond. Not a single fan of the series does not love this cute and fluffy member of the Forger Family.

Like Anya, Bond was subjected to inhumane and cruel experiments that gave him the ability to see the future. With the help of this power, this canine always tries to help the people around him, going as far as to prevent an international incident from turning into a war.

After Anya convinced her parents to let her keep the puppy, Bond became her bodyguard and a loyal friend. Despite this, he can sometimes feel a little jealous, going as far as tearing Anya’s penguin plush in an attempt to sleep beside his owner in her bed.

Franklin Perkin and 4 other Spy X Family characters who reflect the harsh world they live in

1) Donovan Desmond

Donovan is as evil as he looks (Image via Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy X Family)
Donovan is as evil as he looks (Image via Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy X Family)

All the adventures inside of Spy X Family’s story started because of a single man, the allusive Donovan Desmond. This prominent politician is Loid’s main objective, in light of the threat his party represents to the peace between Ostania and Westalis.

This man is not only one of the most prominent threats to world peace, but he is also one of the most condescending and absent fathers in all of anime. We only saw him interact with his younger son, Damian, once and it was infuriating to read.

He thinks of other people as strangers he does not have the time to meet or understand. Loid pointed out this belief as his primary motivation for threatening other nations with military violence. Donovan is the perfect example of the power-hungry politicians who have caused so many tragedies inside the world of Spy X Family.

2) Keith Kepler

Although it is not a topic that is frequently discussed in Spy X Family, racism is one of the primary motivators of the conflicts between Ostania and Westalis. This prejudice against his neighboring country is what drove Keith to become a terrorist.

He created a cell of right-wing extremists whose goal was to assassinate Westali’s Foreign Minister. Keith believed that Ostania was superior in every aspect when compared to the people of Westalis, so he wanted to cause a new war that would prove this.

Although he claims to be a proud Ostanian, Keith had no problems murdering his compatriots if that would help him further his goals. Keith may have been just a minor antagonist of the series, but he was a crude and realistic depiction of what indoctrination can become.

3) Franklin Perkin

After a big war, a period of economical instability always comes for those who belong to the lower social classes. Franklin Perkin was one of the unfortunate victims of the crisis that befell Ostania after the military conflict.

To pay his bills, Franklin was willing to create outlandish stories that would make the Ostanian government look bad. Yuri Briar was in charge of investigating him and arresting him for his actions but found out during his investigations that Franklin was just trying to give his father a good life.

Still, the SSS finally arrested the writer after he illegally published another one of his articles. Before sending him to jail, Yuri promised him his father would receive assistance from the government. Franklin was not a good man, but he was a product of the horrible environment the war brought to Ostania.

4) Pance Karmer

Information is one of the most valuable resources in the Spy X Family universe. It has proven time and time again that knowledge can either save a person from committing a horrible mistake, or control how people react to a situation.

Right-wing media publishers created a slander campaign against Jonas Wellman to prevent a cultural exchange between Ostania and Westalis from happening. Even though most of the information was fake, Pance believed all of it and tried to make Wellman pay for his “crimes.”

Kramer sent a death threat to the artist before disguising himself as one of the police officers monitoring his hotel. If not for the ludicrous misinformation published about Jonas, Pance would never have become a potential murderer.

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