One Piece Film: Red finally reveals true power of Red Hair Pirates

There's a reason why Kizaru acknowledged Benn Beckman (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece)
There's a reason why Kizaru acknowledged Benn Beckman (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece)

Based on their portrayal in One Piece Film: Red, Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates are truly Haki monsters.

The movie has finally been released in Japanese theaters. Shanks and his powerful crew have been hyped up for the longest time, so this was going to be their showcase. Fans have always wanted to see them fight and it turns out, they do get a chance in One Piece Film: Red.

Here's a look at what the Red Hair Pirates are truly capable of. There will be manga spoilers from the Wano Country arc. The following information has been provided by @sandman_AP on Twitter, who recently watched the movie.

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One Piece Film: Red proves the Red Hair Pirates are just as powerful as they were speculated

Shanks is the "killer of Observation Haki"

A select few people have the ability to see into the future with Observation Haki. However, One Piece Film: Red has made it clear that Shanks has the strongest Haki in the series. It's potent enough to prevent anyone from using the future sight. Of course, that's not all Shanks can do in this film.

As the Admirals make their way into the music festival, Kizaru also starts to sweat over Shanks and his Conqueror's Haki. Keep in mind that this is the same person who wanted to fight Kaido and Big Mom by himself. Fujitora even suggests retreating to avoid casualties.

Some may argue that One Piece Film: Red isn't canon so this doesn't count. Even then, Oda was still the supervisor for the film. He doesn't mind portraying Shanks as a dangerous threat to the Admirals. Oda has done it before when he scared off Ryokugyu in Wano Country.

His top commanders are extremely powerful in their own right

Extra information was also provided regarding Benn Beckman and the rest of the top officers. In Beckman's case, he can apply Haki to his rifle bullets. Fans have speculated this for a very long time, but it's finally been confirmed in One Piece Film: Red. He also managed to hold off Kizaru for a second time.

Yasopp is just as impressive with his sniping abilities. He is described as someone who never misses a shot. Better yet, his Observation Haki is far more powerful than even Charlotte Katakuri's. Yasopp can look into the future for longer periods. By comparison, Katakuri can barely sense his own Haki.

Lucky Roux doesn't get to do much in One Piece Film: Red, but he has a very unique fighting style. Befitting a man of his bulky stature, he moves his body like a bowling ball. Lucky Roux is also impressive at using Haki.

The rest of the crew is also pretty strong

One Piece Film: Red also demonstrates the fighting capabilities of the other crew members. As a reminder, here are their names and what they look like:

  • Monster is the monkey
  • Bonk Punch is the brute who carries a monkey on his shoulders
  • Lime Juice is the light blonde pirate with sunglasses
  • Howling Gab is a beastly looking man with shaggy hair
  • Building Snake is the guy with gray hair and the dragon tattoo
  • Hongo is the dirty blonde with a ponytail

Here's what they can do with their special abilities:

  • Monster is good at beating up weaker foes
  • Bonk Punch can wind up a really strong punch
  • Lime Juice fights in the air with an electric stick
  • Howling Gab uses a cutting howl to rip anything apart
  • Building Snake is very defensive, can juggle two swords, and uses stomping techniques
  • Hongo knows how to break apart weapons very quickly

It seems as though the Red Hair Pirates don't have any Devil Fruit users. All of them rely purely on their Haki skill. At the very least, fans can finally see them in action with the One Piece Film: Red.

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