Spy X Family Episode 4 Introduces the most elegant character in the series, Anya and her parents tackle the interview

Stars of Spy X Family episode 4 (Image via Muse Asia)
Stars of Spy X Family episode 4 (Image via Muse Asia)

Fans were eagerly waiting for Spy X Family episode 4 to introduce Housemaster Henry Henderson, and they were not disappointed. Alongside the eventful and hilarious admission screening, this episode also explored the deep bonds that have been fostered between Anya, Loid, and Yor.

Spy X Family episode 4 adapted chapters 4 and 5 from the manga, which covered the entirety of the Eden academy admission. The audience will have to wait a week for the results of the Forgers’ disastrous interview.

Spy X Family Episode 4: Henry Henderson is introduced, Eden Academy tests Anya, Loid, and Yor

In the last episode, Anya and Loid welcomed Yor into the Forger Family home. After an evening out in the city, the Forgers worked together to catch a purse-thief. After being praised for being a beautiful family, they formed a deeper bond with each other.

Spy X Family episode 4 is titled "The Prestigious School's Interview."

The first test


Spy X Family episode 4 begins with the forger family entering Eden Academy. Loid immediately understands that they are being watched, and indeed, the faculty are screening the families as they walk through the courtyard. Most of the candidates fail, but a few pass on to the next round.

We are introduced to Henry Henderson, Headmaster of the third hall, Cecil. He is impressed by the elegance of the Forger family, especially as they stop to salute the statue of the first Headmaster of Eden. However, since Anya barely passed the entrance test with 31 points, he is determined to test the Forgers further.


The Forgers come across a boy stuck in a gutter, a test derived by Henderson. Loid rescues the boy and gets his clothes dirty, while Anya offers him a handkerchief. Henderson is disappointed that they could not save the boy elegantly, but Yor reveals that they had assumed such a thing might happen and had packed a change of clothing.

Forgers are built like bull-fighters

Henderson is struck by the sheer elegance of the Forgers and impressed by their conduct. However, a horde of animals escape the nearby farm and cause a stampede, forcing the candidates to flee. Loid gets irritated that Eden academy is taking things too far, but it is revealed this is an actual emergency and not part of the test.

Loid saves another candidate from an oncoming cow, while Anya starts to feel sick from the panicked thoughts of the crowd. Yor manages to take down the cow, and Anya gently provides the animal with some comfort.


Henderson is once again struck by the elegance and rushes to thank the Forgers. He offers to postpone the interview so they can go home and change, but they have brought yet another change of clothing. It is at this point that Henderson finally starts to get frightened by the Forgers’ efficiency.

A not-so-elegant interview

Spy X Family episode 4 then moves on to the interview. Twilight has, of course, planted a bug in the interview room and is fully prepared with background information.

After a few standard questions on their personal lives, Anya is asked about her parents. She gives both of her parents a full score, wishing to stay with them forever. Both Yor and Loid are visibly moved by that comment.


However, it all goes sour when Housemaster Swan makes misogynistic comments towards Yor's inability to cook. He makes it worse by asking Anya whether she prefers her biological mother or Yor. Remembering her mother, of whom nothing has been disclosed yet, Anya starts to cry, greatly upsetting her parents.

The other two headmasters reprimand Swan, but he further insults Yor, which makes Twilight snap. He punches a table under the guise of killing a mosquito, and withdraws from the interview while condemning Eden Academy’s attitude towards the feelings of children. An enraged Henderson punches Swan after the Forgers leave.

Back home, the Forgers despair over the failed interview. But they remember that they care for each other and hope for the best. However, a family photograph falls down, heralding a bad omen.

Final thoughts

Henderson's emphasis on elegance in Spy X Family episode 4 (Image via Muse Asia)
Henderson's emphasis on elegance in Spy X Family episode 4 (Image via Muse Asia)

Henderson is one of the most popular characters in the series and voice actor Kazuhiro Yamaji did him justice in Spy X Family episode 4. Murdoch Swan’s derogatory comments and archaic views were refuted by everyone else present, which also sent a nice message.

The terrible interview (Image via Muse Asia)
The terrible interview (Image via Muse Asia)

Spy X Family episode 4 expanded upon the budding emotions between the Forgers. Anya’s love for her parents is nothing new, but it has grown incredibly deeper.

Yor has become overtly protective of Anya, perhaps even more so than Loid. Since she is less calculative than her pseudo-husband, her protectiveness often overshadows her inhibitions.

Loid reminding himself to stay calm (image via Muse Asia)
Loid reminding himself to stay calm (image via Muse Asia)

Loid has grown more protective of his daughter, but he is growing to care for Yor as well. He managed to hold on to his reason while Anya cried because Yor was reacting on her behalf, and he needed to stay calm to reassure both of them. However, when Yor was insulted, he snapped and went to punch the guy.

In one scene in Spy X Family episode 4, he had to remind himself that Yor was not his real wife, in the same way he constantly had to remind himself that they were not his real family.

All three Forgers are towing the line between what is real and what is fake, and only Anya seems to be okay with it.

Spy X Family episode 4 gives us a glimpse of Anya’s real life before the facility, or within the facility. She likely had a mother at some point, and it must be one of her only good memories. Hopefully, more details will be disclosed as the series progresses.

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