Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244: Final showdown between Takemichi and Mikey for the title of “Toman”

Clash of two "Toman" in Tokyo revengers Chapter 244 (Image via SpyingBirb)
Clash of two "Toman" in Tokyo revengers Chapter 244 (Image via SpyingBirb)

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244 marks the beginning of the final battle and the end of the series as a whole. The Kantou Manji Gang fights the Second Generation of the Tokyo Manji Gang, and all of the important players from Bonten are shown to be present in this fight.

Like all previous Toman fights, the odds are stacked heavily against the protagonists. Some of the key characters are yet to appear, which could tilt the scales in Tokyo Manji Gang’s favor.

Haruchiyo taunts Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244, the gangs charge at each other

In the last chapter, the Tokyo Manji gang sent a challenge to Mikey, who decided that the final battle would take place on September 9 in Old Cargo Bay. Takemichi bade his farewell to Hina, and both gangs moved towards the battleground for the decisive brawl.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244 is titled “The Showdown Battle.”

The odds against Tokyo Manji

Remember that Toman won with only 50 members against Tenjiku , and don’t say that they had Mikey because it was Takemichi who fought this battle almost all alone against 400 ppl with only 50 men and he resisted for a very long time … Don’t underestimate Toman #tokyorevengers244…

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244 starts with both gangs reaching the venue, which is a train station in construction. Some have speculated that this is the station where Takemichi first traveled back in time. Tokyo Manji Gang’s 50 members are up against 500 members of the Kantou Manji Gang.

As Chifuyu points this out, Takemichi says that they have beaten similar odds before, likely referring to the Tenjiku battle where 50 members of Toman were up against 400 members of Tenjiku.

Angry is surprised to see Hanma with Mikey. Peh-Yan comments that Kantou was already strong, but they now have reinforced that strength.

///// tr 244 spoilers hakkai is definitely hiding that knife he was gonna stab taiju with #TokyoRevengers #tokyorevengers244

Chifuyu tells Takemichi that he will challenge Mochizuki after defeating 10 opponents. Hakkai wants to kill Haitani Ran because he once hit Mitsuya with a brick, but his captain remarks that it should be his grudge to hold.

Takemichi asks Senju about Benkei and Waka, but she is as confused by their presence as him.

The two “Toman”

Considering both the Kantou Manji and the Tokyo Manji are called Toman (Kantou Manji, Tokyo Manji) for short, Mikey asks his members if there is any need for two “Toman.”

Haruchiyo immediately understands what he means and begins to ridicule and taunt the Second Generation of Tokyo Manji because they are younger and less experienced than Kantou.

Haruchiyo further states that since the Battle of the Three Deities ended with Mikey as the winner, there is no need for further conflict, especially with former comrades. Senju and Inui did not have any visible reactions when they saw Haruchiyo or Kokonoi, which is a surprise.

Takemichi’s declaration

// tr 244It's another chapter and I'm crying again. Seriously, the weight of michi's words hold so much impact because he believes in every single one of it. If you're an ally, you'll feel strengthened and motivated. +

Takemichi replies to Haruchiyo that this is not how “Toman” is supposed to be, but Haruchiyo asks him to speak up. Takemichi then yells out that they will take back the title of true Toman. He challenged the Kantou Manji gang to come at them with the intention of killing since they would do the same.

He ends his speech by challenging Sano Manjirou directly, to which Mikey replies with a “Come on.” Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244 ends with both gangs charging at each other. It is noteworthy that neither Mikey nor Haruchiyo are shown to be on the frontlines, while Hanma is.

Final thoughts

I have the theory that taiju will help takemitchi and join the fight with Blackdragon to win against Mikey....--TokyoRevengers Theory--#TokyoRevengers #TokyoRevengersSpoilers #anime

Akashi Takeomi has not returned to Senju's side in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244. Many readers are hoping for Taiju Shiba to participate in the battle, preferably with the rest of the members of his generation of Black Dragons. Without reinforcement, Takemichi’s gang stands very little chance of defeating Kantou Manji.

It is unlikely that anyone will get out of this fight unscathed, especially people from the Tokyo Manji side. After Wakui’s sketch of Chifuyu visiting Baji’s grave before the final battle was released, most fans are worried that Chifuyu will perish in this fight.

So chifuyu visited baji's grave before the final battle 😭

Given that Mikey is Takemichi's key to time-traveling this time, he has no way of returning to the future until he can connect with his former friend again.

Takemichi’s suddenly-developed ability to see into the future has been neglected for many chapters. Provided that Wakui hasn’t forgotten about it, readers may see its return in the next chapter.

At the time of writing, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245 is slated to be released on Wednesday, March 9. It can be read on the online platforms associated with Kodansha.

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