Demon Slayer: Why are there 11 forms of Water Breathing and what are they?

Giyu Tomioka in his first encounter with Tanjiro and Nezuko (Image via Ufotable)
Giyu Tomioka in his first encounter with Tanjiro and Nezuko (Image via Ufotable)

What are the 11 forms of Water Breathing in Demon Slayer? The popular anime revolves around the members of the Demon Slayer corps.

Fighting with swords doesn't seem to work too well against supernatural beings, hence, these fighters are known to use powerful fighting styles known as Breathing techniques. Later in the series, fans learn that all of these techniques were originally derived from a single one, the Sun Breathing technique.

As the fighters of that era were not entirely able to master this, the originator seemed to have helped them create their own techniques, that are currently practiced. Such a technique is Water Breathing that the protagonist Tanjiro Kamado initially learns from the former Hashira Urokodaki Sakonji.

It seems that Tanjiro still has a long way to go to master the Water Breathing technique. Giyu, on the other hand, as the current Water Hashira, has complete mastery over all 10 forms of Water breathing, as well as an 11th form that he created himself.

All forms of Water Breathing in Demon Slayer

1) First Form: Water Surface Slash


The users of this technique gather their momentum to create a single concentrated slash that is enough to severe the demon's head. Fans witnessed Tanjiro using this during his battle with the Morphed Hand Demon who was responsible for Sabito, Makomo and a lot of Urokodaki's children.

2) Second Form: Water Wheel


The users of this technique need to leap into the air and spin vertically to create a flowing circular attack that is sharp enough to kill the demons. Fans witnessed Tanjiro using this against the Morphed Hand Demon as well.

Tanjiro ended up creating an improved version of the Second Form, named Lateral Water Wheel, while fighting the Arrow Demon.

3) Third Form: Flowing Dance


The users of this technique in Demon Slayer need to constantly dance and bend their swords during movement to create a flowing attack that will slice everything in its path. Fans witness Tanjiro using this Water Breathing Technique during his fight with the Temari Demon.

4) Fourth Form: Striking Tide


The users of this Water Breathing technique need to keep making consecutive slashes while moving their body as well as sword flexibly to aid their attacks. An improved version of this technique is Striking Tide Turbulent, where the users need to improve the accuracy of their attacks while also raising their numbers to connect the target in a particularly chaotic situation.

5) Fifth Form: Blessed Rain After The Drought


This Water Breathing Technique enables the users to decapitate their opponents with a single strike that does not seem to cause much pain. Fans witness Tanjiro using it on Rui's adopted Mother Demon when she willingly surrenders.

6) Sixth Form: Whirlpool


The users of this Water Breathing technique need to twist their body and sword fiercely to create a powerful enough current that will cut everything that is caught in it. Efficiency and accuracy rises incredibly underwater, as was seen when the Demon attacking young girls traps Tanjiro underwater during his first mission.

Tanjiro also created an improved version of this attack, Whirlpool Flow, by combining the footwork of the Third Form: Flowing Dance and the twisting movements of Whirlpool.

This lets users create swirling and twisting water currents that can attack as well as defend from multiple directions.

7) Seventh Form: Drop Ripple Thrust


Users of this Water Breathing technique need to attack with a speedy, accurate stab to slow down a moving target. An improved version of this technique is Thrust Curve, which enables users to attack from a specific angle that corresponds to the shape of the sword and is powerful enough to render the target immobile.

8) Eighth Form: Waterfall Basin


The efficacy of this Water Breathing form is tremendous as this can be done even while falling downwards. In fact, falling motion only seems to raise its accuracy as this technique requires users to strike in a flowing motion that cuts their target vertically.

9) Ninth Form: Splashing Water Flow Turbulent


Users of this Water Breathing Technique manipulate their footwork to minimize landing time as well as space. It helps them to move constantly and helps tremendously in a place where there is no solid foothold.

10) Tenth Form: Constant Flux


Constant Flux, the Tenth Water Breathing form, requires users to attack in a continuous and flowing pattern that ends up taking the shape of a Water Dragon. It increases in strength with each rotation.

11) Eleventh Form: Dead Calm


Initially, there were only ten forms of the Water Breathing Style. Giyu Tomioka, the current Water Hashira created this technique on his own. Although Water Breathing is supposedly the most common form of Breathing in the series according to fans, no one has created a form on their own before.

This technique requires the user to cease all movements and enter a state of tranquility where they can block, redirect as well as attack their target with a speed that can not be seen with plain eyes.

Demon Slayer is one of the major anime series right now. With the Entertainment District arc in full flow, fans are eager to witness where the fight between the Demons and the Demon Slayers takes them.

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