When does Naruto become Hokage? Episode details and more

The Leaf vs Momoshiki (Image via Studio Pierrot)
The Leaf vs Momoshiki (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Boruto started with Naruto already becoming Hokage, which seems to have disappointed some fans. After witnessing Naruto working hard to become Hokage for the entirety of the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series, they seemed to have wanted to see his special day along with him.

Since that became unlikely once Boruto started, fans were left a bit nonplussed. However, in a later episode, making their wishes come true, the series did show Naruto becoming Hokage, although in a flashback.

This seemed to please the fandom to no end as it also showed something unprecedented happening to a fan-favorite character.

'Boruto' Episode 18 shows Naruto's Hokage ascension

Episode 18 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation shows a flashback to the time when Naruto became Hokage. The episode opens with Himawari down with a fever and Boruto watching over her. This gentle interaction with Himawari seemed to show how much Boruto loved and cared for his family.

While fans seemed to have been pretty disappointed with his behavior towards Naruto at the time, these little glimpses often appeared to divide the fandom into two sides. The scene ends with Hinata telling Boruto to keep watch over Himawari while she goes to pick up some medicine for her.

After she leaves, Boruto picks up a photo of the four of them with Naruto on his Hokage cloak and says that they had a pretty rough time with Himawari back then as well. This seems to refer to the time when Naruto became Hokage.


The next scene opens with Boruto and Himawari back in their bed at night, with the latter sleeping soundly. Hinata seems to wait for Naruto, who is late, and she looks worried because the inauguration ceremony starts early the next day.

This, obviously, refers to the Hokage inauguration ceremony, which becomes apparent as Naruto comes home drunk being supported by his friends.

He mumbles drunkenly that he will definitely become Hokage one day, which makes everyone laugh and reminisce about the old days. The following day, Hinata leaves early to collect Naruto's Hokage Haori, which was to be delivered that day. She instructs Naruto to go ahead with the kids to the venue as she would go there directly.

However, Naruto is still not present when she reaches there, worried she will go back home to check on them. In the meantime, the scene pans to the Uzumaki household, where Naruto tries to hurry his kids into leaving as they will get late otherwise.

Unfortunately, the kids are seemingly quarreling about bringing Himawari's pink panda plushy to the ceremony, as Boruto thinks he will have to carry it at the end, which would be embarrassing. On the other hand, Himawari seems determined to bring it along, and as a result of this quarrel, the plushy rips apart.

Himawari's hidden power and Naruto's Hokage inauguration

In an interesting turn of events, Himawari, with the shock of her favorite toy destroyed, ends up awakening Byakugan. This is entirely unprecedented, as awakening the Byakugan requires a lot of hard training. In her fury, she goes to attack Boruto with Halted Chakra Point.


Naruto tries to stop her by moving in front of Boruto but ends up connecting with her finger and losing consciousness. When Hinata arrives home, she finds him in that situation and comments that he will be unconscious all day due to this.

Kakashi and Shikamaru, worried that the ceremony would be late, make Konohamaru transform into Naruto and complete the ceremony with him.

Similarities between father and son

The latter part of the episode pans back to the present day. Boruto comments on how Naruto rarely seems to come home, showing the reason for their constantly deteriorating relationship. Just after that, Naruto comes home worried about Himawari, and they start awkwardly interacting with each other.

Again, after a ridiculous conflict between them regarding what Himawari should eat, Hinata throws them both out of the house for being too noisy. They start blaming each other until Naruto comments that he needs to go back to the office.

Boruto seems disappointed until Naruto realizes that his kid is hungry and offers to take him to eat.

They go to Ichiraku Ramen, where they seem to fall into an awkward silence again. After fidgeting for a while, they return to their strained interaction until they meet Choji and Chocho there.

Boruto seems disappointed that their family does not seem like that. This part of this Boruto episode highlights their strained relationship as much as their similarities. Both seem disappointed in their deteriorating relationship.

Boruto's anger stemmed from missing Naruto

It also seems to show that although Boruto behaves rather harshly with him, he cherishes Naruto even more than that. His anger appears to stem from the fact that his father is never present for their special days anymore.

The episode ends with another flashback of Hinata during the Hokage inauguration day. Naruto says that the entire village is now his family, and he will do his utmost best to protect everyone.

The scene pans back to the present day, with Hinata commenting that even after realizing one dream, Naruto is still chasing his dreams. Thankfully, their relationship was mended soon after with the Momoshiki arc.

With Boruto reaching its peak in popularity, fans are looking forward to what is in store for both Naruto and Boruto in the coming days. Stay updated about the same here.