Why My Hero Academia should end with Deku being Quirkless, explained

Deku as seen in the anime (image via Bones)
Deku as seen in the anime (Image via Bones)

In the My Hero Academia series, Deku has come a long way from being the Quirkless boy who used to get bullied by Bakugo. He is the world's greatest Hero who took down All For One with the help of his friends.

However, Deku had to pay a heavy price in order to defeat the Demon Lord for good, as he was seemingly left Quirkless towards the end of their monumental battle.

While Deku willingly gave up One For All a few chapters ago in order to save Tomura Shigaraki, it's unclear as of now if he will get his Quirks back after defeating All For One in My Hero Academia chapter 423. That said, for the story to come full circle, Deku may probably be better off without his Quirks by the end of the series.

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My Hero Academia: Why Deku shouldn't get his Quirks back at the end of the series

Deku as seen in the My Hero Academia anime (Image via Bones)
Deku as seen in the My Hero Academia anime (Image via Bones)

Izuku Midoriya, aka Deku, started the series as a Quirkless boy in a world predominated by heroes and Quirks. As such, he was subjected to a lot of rejection and bullying from society and his friends in general.

Fortunately, his luck turned when he came across his childhood hero, All Might, who passed down the One For All Quirk to him. From thereon, Deku went on to unlock the Quirks of all the previous users of One For All. This enabled him to become stronger and surpass all the other Heroes, including All Might.

To Deku, One For All was the gift that he received from his childhood hero. As such, the decision to let go of the Quirk was all the more painful and heartbreaking. That said, he certainly had no regrets when he completely transferred One For All to Tomura Shigaraki's body, which allowed the vestiges of all the previous users to weaken him from the inside.

Therefore, by sacrificing his Quirk, Deku was able to save Shigaraki, and managed to extinguish all of his hatred. In chapter 423 of the My Hero Academia manga, the last embers of One For All were also transferred to Shigaraki's body by Deku, as the two worked together to finally put an end to the newly-emerged All For One.

This chapter seemingly made it clear that Deku was now completely Quirkless, as One For All might have been destroyed with All For One. With this, Deku is possibly now back to his roots as a Quirkless boy in a world full of Quirks and Heroes.

That said, things certainly are a lot different this time around. Firstly, Deku is now internationally recognized as one of the world's greatest heroes, especially after his monumental battle against Shigaraki and All For One. Seeing him give it his all in order to protect the world motivated every single person witnessing the battle, as they went on to cheer for him to do his best.

As such, even if Deku was to become Quirkless once again by the end of the My Hero Academia series, he would be celebrated this time around instead of being rejected by society. He would be renowned all over the world as the one who stepped up to All For One and finally brought an end to the latter's reign of terror.

Furthermore, Deku returning to his roots as a Quirkless boy would also make sense narratively, since he was always being built up to be the last wielder of One For All.

By defeating All For One in My Hero Academia chapter 423 with the help of all the previous wielders, as well as Tomura Shigaraki himself, Deku was successful in completing One For All the right way. As such, it wouldn't make much sense if the Quirk was still around after achieving its purpose of bringing down All For One.

One could also argue that Deku doesn't really need the One For All Quirk anymore. By defeating All For One and saving Shigaraki's soul, Deku was able to fulfill his role with the power he was entrusted with, and achieved everything he had hoped to.

Deku and All Might as seen in the anime (Image via Bones)
Deku and All Might as seen in the anime (Image via Bones)

Therefore, Deku has certainly earned the right to live a normal life with his friends and family once again. This time he doesn't necessarily need the help of a Quirk to be accepted by the people around him. Like All Might, Deku can still be an integral part of the Hero society even after being Quirkless.

He could potentially be a great mentor to the next generation of heroes as well. This would be because he will certainly go down in history as one of the world's most celebrated and respected heroes.

As such, it can be concluded that My Hero Academia should conclude with Deku being Quirkless. It would make his story come full circle— he would go from the boy who was shunned by society due to being Quirkless, to a beloved Hero who was willing to give up everything and become powerless again— just so that he could save one more life.

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