Will Power return in the Chainsaw Man manga? Explained

Denji and Power from Chainsaw Man (Image via MAPPA)
Denji and Power from Chainsaw Man (Image via MAPPA)

Chainsaw Man has been incredibly swift in topping the popularity charts of the anime community even before its release, owing to the massive success of the manga written by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

With its fresh take on the shonen genre breaking the normative approach by incorporating unapologetic blood and gore, Chainsaw Man has its fair share of bleak character demises. Manga readers will agree that Power, the Blood Fiend, is a stark example of the same.

Power has soared in the popularity polls ever since her anime introduction, and needless to say that losing her was a setback for the readers. Fans are now wondering if there is a possibility of her returning and if we will see her again in the manga.

Disclaimer: Contains spoilers for the Chainsaw Man manga

Will Power make a comeback in the Chainsaw Man manga?

Power returning to the manga will entirely depend on the mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto if he chooses to bring her back. From a technical standpoint, it is possible for the Blood Devil to return, but it will not be Power who is a Fiend, as she is now fused within Denji’s body.

Power was a Blood Fiend who was recruited by the Public Safety as a Devil Hunter under the supervision of Makima. Despite the initial smooth sailing, things quickly started to go south after Makima showed her true evil. She was revealed to be the Control Demon who had Denji wrapped around her fingers, literally making him her pet dog.

She kept abusing him and craved to see him suffer even more. Makima knew Denji would be devastated by Killing Power, given the bond and camaraderie he had developed with the Blood Fiend over the course of the Chainsaw Man manga.

Prior to Makima killing Power, she had made a contract with Denji, by drinking his blood, in order to defeat Makima. Thus, when Makima had killed Power by bombarding her torso in the chapter 91 of Chainsaw Man manga, she regenerated in Denji’s body, who was knocked out by Makima too. Borrowing Pochita’s power, she manages to revive herself in a different form, resembling Pochita, and effectively countering Makima’s attack.

She was almost able to escape with Denji’s body, but Makima stopped her and offered her to return to being the obedient pet she was, in exchange of Denji’s body. Power, initially conflicted by the offer, continues to stand against Makima after remembering her friendship with Denji.

After finally escaping from Makima and her army of zombies, Denji and Power end up in a dumpster where she saves Denji by giving him her blood to drink, which makes her fuse with his body and she ultimately disappears. Her sacrifice to save Denji is a true testament to her growth as a character as she finally acknowledges a life worth dying for, breaking away from her initial ideology.

What we know about Devils so far is that they possess the ability to reincarnate if killed. They were born in hell but their souls can shift from hell to earth and vice versa if killed, which essentially makes them immortal. Since Power was killed in the human realm, it can be assumed that her soul has passed on to hell. However, Power is a Blood Fiend meaning, only the Blood Devil inside her will be reincarnated and when that happens, she will lose her memory of Denji. So, Power herself making a comeback in the manga, remains an uncertainty.

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