Watch: Netflix's most-watched series Stranger Things' star Sadie Sink reveals her favorite baseball team and it's not what fans think

Sadie Sink plays Max in Netflix series "Stranger Things." (Image via @sadieslaugh IG)
Sadie Sink plays Max in Netflix series "Stranger Things." (Image via @sadieslaugh IG)

"Stranger Things” star Sadie Sink disclosed the name of her favorite baseball team in a quick truth-and-lies poll series on Netflix’s Instagram. The majority of the audience thought she was telling the truth that it was the Atlanta Braves. However, she had tricked them! Sadie corrected her fans and revealed that her favorite MLB team is the Houston Astros.

Sink also clarified in the polls that though she prefers the Astros, she also likes the Braves.

“Sadie’s favorite baseball team is the Astros from @netflix’s story” – sadieslaugh

Many baseball fans have commented on the video supporting Sink’s choice. One user wrote, “Real ones know,” while another one says, “Astros are the best.”

On the occasion of her 16th birthday, Sadie disclosed in an interview that she doesn't play baseball.

“I really like to work out, but I wouldn’t necessarily say I am coordinated sports wise. I can’t do baseball or anything like that. My older brothers are very sporty and are very into football; they each have their own sport.”

Sink can be seen with a skateboard in the Netflix series “Stranger Things.” As for her approach to skateboarding, she said that she was really afraid to fall at first.

“I was really afraid to fall at first, but now it is less of a problem, when you skateboard you kind of have to be fearless; you won’t learn if you don’t attempt the tricks.”

The fourth season of "Stranger Things" is the most-watched English-language program on Netflix.

Having a cumulative viewing time of over 188.19M hours, “Stranger Things” has ranked in the Top 10 in 93 different countries and surpassed previous seasons' and other Netflix series' viewership records.

Sadie Sink’s breakthrough in “Stranger Things”

Sink appears in the science fiction drama series “Stranger Things” as Max Mayfield. Max is seen as the skating enthusiast and tomboy of the gang.

"15 days!" - Sadie Sink

Sink has over 24M followers on Instagram and continues to delight her fans with her photos on social media.

"@whowhatwear ! ❤️" - Sadie Sink

Netflix premiered “Stranger Things” in July 2016 and the show has been one of their most popular offerings.

Sadie's Houston Astros currently hold a dominant lead in the American League West with the highest winning percentage and the fewest losses.

Houston Astros v Cleveland Guardians
Houston Astros v Cleveland Guardians

Trey Mancini, a first baseman and outfielder, was acquired by the Astros from the Baltimore Orioles in a trade deadline transaction. Houston's also acquired catcher Christian Vázquez from the Boston Red Sox.

The Houston Atros are expected to be World Series contenders this year.

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