"Krafton might have plans for BGMI Lite": Popular streamer 8bitBeg4Mercy on the game's release in India

BGMI professional 8bitBeg4Mercy is one of the most renowned names in the Indian gaming community (Image via Sportskeeda)
BGMI professional 8bitBeg4Mercy is one of the most renowned names in the Indian gaming community (Image via Sportskeeda)

Mrinmoy "8bitBeg4Mercy" Lahkar is one of the most prominent names in the BGMI gaming community. He currently has over 500K subscribers on his YouTube channel and is a mentor of 8bit Esports. He is also an integral part of the S8UL content creation team.

In an exclusive conversation with Sportskeeda, the BGMI professional spoke about his reaction to S8UL getting nominated for the Esports Awards. He also mentioned his future plans for content creation and urged everyone to come to the aid of the people in Assam.

BGMI player and streamer Mrinmoy "8bitBeg4Mercy" discusses plans for content creation, his journey from player to a mentor, and more

Q. You have been an integral part of S8UL from its inception. What was your first reaction when you learned that S8UL and Mortal have been nominated for the Esports Awards 2022? Furthermore, if you win, how do you plan on celebrating?

Mercy: As Animesh, aka Thug, says, "Dreams do come true if you grind hard for it." It has been an overwhelming month for us as a team, but this one was something truly special. S8UL is honored beyond belief to represent India and stand alongside some of the best players in the industry.

BGMI professional Mortal being the only esport personality and S8UL being the only content group representing India at the global Esports Awards 2022 is a delightful and joyous moment for all of us! We are surely going to celebrate hard if we win this time.

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S8ul has been nominated for the ‘Content Group of the Year’ category, while Naman Mathur, aka Mortal, has been nominated for ‘Esports Personality of the Year.’

Q. Team Soul will be participating in the PUBG Mobile World Invitationals in August. Since you know the players well, what are your expectations from the team?

Mercy: Currently, the boys are in phenomenal form. They outplayed the teams in the BMPS finals, and they must be grinding for the World Invitationals already. I have seen them practice. Their dedication and confidence are the secret weapons they are going to carry in the future as well. I believe the team has the best synergy required to make a team work.

Q. How has the journey been for you from being a competitive player to being a mentor? Tell us more about it.

Mercy: Being a mentor, it’s your experience that does the talking. You sit with your players and learn about their gameplay and mindset in different situations. You recall yourself being a competitive player and knowing how to deliver your learnings. However, it’s not that easy with the changes in the meta and everything that changes in the sport.

Q. The ongoing BGMI Masters Series has been a huge hit, with the tournament getting broadcast on television. How do you think will it change the course of Indian esports?

Mercy: We have already entered the mainstream media, which is a big breakthrough for Indian esports. Countries that have already recognized esports are already broadcasting tournaments on television.

India accepting this revolution will surely open many gates in various forms. Esports in India is becoming a viable career option, and organizations are approaching it positively. All I can say is that in the coming years, Indian esports will be a justifiable term for the sports community.

Q. Ultron and Beast were the recent additions to Team 8bit. What are your thoughts on them?

Mercy: We were looking for an experienced player around whom we can build the roster, and Ultron fits the role best. In search of more young talent, I got a recommendation in the form of Beast, a furious player who we had seen playing. Even Madman and Juicy were able to work with them seamlessly, which gave us the go-ahead signal for the team.

Q. Many mobile gamers across the country have been demanding the release of BGMI Lite for a long time now. Do you feel that a lighter version should be released? If yes, why?

Mercy: The Lite version of PUBG Mobile was to make the game playable on low-end devices. BGMI was built with the thought that every device can support it, and users can experience seamless gameplay.

Given that users can monitor storage in the game, deleting resources that are not required can also help. This is why I don’t think the lighter version of the game is required. But you never know, Krafton might have plans for BGMI Lite.

Q. You recently did a charity stream and collected a generous amount for Assam flood relief. We also saw some other S8UL creators doing the same. How do you think gamers are influencing the upcoming generations?

Mercy: Spreading generosity with a helpful mind is what every S8UL creator believes in. As Goldy Bhai has always said, "Niyat" tells a lot about the person. We as a community just want everyone to be supportive and generous towards anyone in need, no matter the situation.

Q. What will be your appeal to other streamers and celebrities regarding the Assam flood situation?

Mercy: Floods are ravaging Assam, leaving thousands of lives at risk. People have lost their homes and livelihoods. Little children and the elderly were stuck in their homes without food and drinking water. They need us to stand for them.

My appeal is to everyone, not just BGMI streamers or celebrities, but every single Indian who is capable of helping come forward in support of the Assam Flood Victims. Together, we can help each other and make a difference.

Q. Amongst your different content, Scripted News became a huge hit. However, it has been a long time since we last saw an episode getting aired. When will we get to witness the next episode?

Mercy: I am getting a lot of these questions. Well, Scripted News is on a break, and we are planning to add some more interesting factors to it. Can’t say the exact time, but soon we'll all see a new series of Scripted News.

Q. Recently, BGMI professional Ronak took to his Instagram story and stated how you played a major role in him being a part of 8bit Creatives. Can you tell us more about it?

Mercy: Well, given all the history, I prefer not to talk about this. But yeah, we are all happy to have him back on the crew.

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