10 most heartbreaking moments in Cricket history

Sachin touched the pitch, as if to seek blessings for his retired life

Sports, in many ways, mirrors reality television. Emotions run high, and the desire to succeed burns like a flame in the minds of players. Cricket is by no means an exception, and with the extent of hard work and determination that players show on the field, coming in at second place is no compensation.The level of competitiveness in professional sports reaches great heights, and when both sides give their all, end up as the second-best, it is definitely hard to handle, not just for the players involved, but the fans as well.But transcending the ordinary moments of disappointment and failure, several distressing incidents have occurred throughout the history of the sport which shall remain etched in the annals of the sport as unforgettable.When these people cried, they did not cry alone – the world cried along. Here are some of the most heartbreaking moments in cricket history.

#10 Sachin Tendulkar\'s last match

Sachin touched the pitch, as if to seek blessings for his retired life

Emotions are bound to run high when a legend retires, and even more so, when the legend in question is Sachin Tendulkar, the keeper of a billion Indian hearts for two decades. The little Master broke the heart of the nation, when he walked out to the pitch and touched it for a final time with tears in his eyes.

#9 Dhoni\'s emotional moment after India\'s 2015 WC exit

Dhoni was unable to overcome his grief after India’s exit, despite his team’s superlative showing in the group stages

Never known to be a man to show his emotions on the field or off it, Captain Cool M.S Dhoni was overcome with emotion after India’s loss to Australia in the 2015 World Cup semifinals, and wasn’t able to hide his tears.

#8 South Africa\'s 1999 World Cup semifinal

South Africa is yet to shed its tag of ‘The Chokers’ after repeated defeats in crunch situations

The ever-unlucky Proteas faced yet another debacle at the 1999 World Cup semifinals. Requiring just one run off 3 deliveries at nine down, a poor attempt at a quick single between Alan Donald and Lance Klusener saw the match end in a tie.

However, Australia went through to the finals, as they had finished higher on the Super Six table – one of several times fate would have a part to play in World Cup semi finals for South Africa.

#7 Don Bradman\'s last innings duck

Don Bradman came agonizingly close to perfection, only to be thwarted by fate Caption

The legendary Sir Donald Bradman missed out on a marvelous career average of 100 in Tests, when, requiring just four runs for the achievement, he was dismissed for a duck in his last Test innings.

#6 South Africa\'s 2015 WC Exit

South African batsman Faf du Plessis is seen disconsolate after the unlucky exit of his team

One of South Africa’s best World Cup squads, the team for the 2015 World Cup was once again thwarted, when rain played a part in lowering the total that New Zealand required in the semi-finals.

Grant Elliot(who had earlier been dropped by J.P Duminy) hit a six on the penultimate delivery of the match, knocking out the Proteas, who were in tears as fate continued to toy with their side in World Cup semi-finals.

#5 Match no.2, The 2005 Ashes

Flintoff consoles Brett Lee after his heroic effort goes in vain

The Australian tail had wagged furiously, and Brett Lee, along with Michael Kasprowicz had taken Australia to the threshold of victory in this very closely fought tie, when Kasprowicz fell to a controversial umpiring decision.

Lee was unable to hold back his tears, as Australia had been pegged to win the match against all odds.

#4 India vs Sri Lanka, World Cup Semi Final, 1996

The Indian batsmen were forced off the pitch, as Sri Lanka won by default

India was cruising through at 98 for 1, chasing Sri Lanka’s score of 251. Suddenly, the wickets of seven Indian players fell within the next 22 runs. With the fall of 8th wicket, the crowd went berserk.

Clive Lloyd, the match referee, had to abandon the match and Sri Lanka won by default. The loss saw Indian batsman Vinod Kambli leave the pitch in tears.

#3 Craig Kieswetter\'s career-ending injury

Kieswetter was a huge talent for England, and was known for his fearless batting

One of England’s rising stars, and the star of his team’s triumph in the 2010 T20 World Cup, Craig Kieswetter chose to retire, following an unfortunate accident on the field, when the ball hit his eye and nose during a county match.

He needed to be hopitalised for a long time, and never made the comeback to cricket, saying his reflexes would never be what they used to be.

#2 When D/L broke South African hearts

The South Africans were extremely disappointed with the D/L method, which cost them a valuable match

The surprise favorites for the 1992 World Cup, South Africa looked set to defeat England in the semi-finals, requiring 22 runs off 13 balls.

All it took was a few minutes of rain to transform the target to 22 required from one delivery, a mathematical calculation’s fault knocking the unlucky Proteas out for good. They haven’t played a World Cup final since.

#1 Javed Miandad\'s six off Chetan Sharma

Javed Miandad’s six off the last ball destroyed Indian hearts

An unexpectedly poor delivery from an in-form Chetan Sharma cost India the title

The finals of the 1986 Austral-Asia Cup between India and Pakistan in Sharjah was a moment of great joy for one half of the crowd watching the game, and extreme dismay for the other.

With Pakistan requiring four runs to win off the last ball, a billion voices were silenced, as a Chetan Sharma full toss was swung over the fence by the destructive Javed Miandad, crushing the title hopes of the favoured underdogs.

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