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5 best Android games like GTA under 100 MB

Best Android games like GTA under 100 MB
Best Android games like GTA under 100 MB
Modified 12 Sep 2020, 13:00 IST
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GTA games on Android are immensely-popular, and the action-packed gameplay that they offer to users is pretty unique. However, the titles are only available as paid games, and are also pretty heavy when it comes to usage of memory.

But there are several Grand Theft Auto clones over the years that are both free and take up less than 100 MB of space in your mobile, making sure that even very low-end devices can run them without any lag.

Five best Android games like GTA under 100 MB

1) San Andreas Gang Wars

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San Andreas Gang Wars, as evident by its name, borrows its gameplay from GTA San Andreas. It even has a character that looks suspiciously like CJ!

But at 86 MB, this title manages to do a decent job of creating a GTA-like experience, with several gang wars, police chases, random violence with pedestrians, and the open-world map to explore in stylish vehicles.


  • Complete daring missions

  • Take over the city and fight rival gangs
  • Run from police
  • Explore the open-world map of San Andreas

Size: 86 MB

2) Vegas Crime Simulator

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Vegas Crime Simulator, though based in Las Vegas, seems to be inspired by the gameplay of GTA Vice City, which was itself inspired by the city of Miami. Again, the clone game sports a hero that looks a lot like Tommy Vercetti, complete with a Hawaiin shirt.

The game follows the same genre of gameplay, with plenty of weapons and cars to accumulate as you rise through the ranks in the world of criminals and mobsters.


  • Visit points of interest on the map

  • Finish quests to win respect and money
  • Customise your character
  • Play around with superpowers/skills

Size: 96 MB

3) Miami Auto Theft City

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Miami Auto Theft City is a game that borrows from both GTA San Andreas and Vice City. While the game is set in the city of Miami, it has the 90’s gangster vibe that was made famous by San Andreas.

With a decent set of graphics for its size, this title also manages to create an exciting criminal adventure with an open-world map that will not feel too small.


  • Free roam in the city

  • More than 15 exciting missions
  • Engage in gang wars
  • Smooth and easy graphics

Size: 78 MB

4) Auto Theft Crime Simulator

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Auto Theft Crime Simulator is a GTA clone that has modeled its gameplay after games like Vice City and San Andreas. The player can freely roam the streets of the city, as well as undertake exciting missions to rise through the mob’s ranks.

This game also has smooth graphics and gives the player a decent set of choices when it comes to cars and weapons to use.


  • 3D smooth graphics

  • Open-world city to explore
  • Rise through the ranks of criminals
  • Take on drug lords and mob bosses

Size: 83 MB

5) Dude Theft Wars

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Dude Theft Wars, equipped with its quirky graphics and an even quirkier vibe, manages to create a hilarious yet fun experience that’s based on the gameplay of GTA’s offerings.

This game focuses less on the serious criminal missions that a player can undertake in a GTA game, and more on the random acts of violence or pointless roaming that all of us are guilty of partaking in. It is the best alternative if you’ve never played GTA seriously and mostly just mucked around in the game.


  • Open-world sandbox game

  • Great choice of weapons
  • Drive many stylish cars
  • Perform stunts and enjoy ragdoll physics

Size: 85 MB

Published 12 Sep 2020, 13:00 IST
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