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5 best Android games like GTA under 300 MB

Five best Android games like GTA under 300MB
Five best Android games like GTA under 300MB
Modified 21 Sep 2020, 17:17 IST
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Looking to get the GTA experience on Android but don’t have a good enough device to run the open-world games without lags? Lucky for you, there are several alternatives to GTA that can be played on a low-end Android device. These games take up less than 300MB of space on your devices and run smoothly on all kinds of smartphones.

In this article, we take a look at some of the best alternatives to GTA that are under 300MB in size and why you should play them the next time you crave a dose of criminal mayhem.

Five best Android games like GTA under 300MB

1) Payback 2

Size: 102MB

Payback 2 is the little brother that GTA never had, and is heavily inspired by the gameplay of the latter. The game features an open-world map, with seven cities for the players to explore. If you’re looking for some great cars, boats, or planes to hijack, then that’s no problem either.

With several missions and game modes to conquer as well as a distinct focus on heists and robberies, the game takes us to a world of crime that’s a lot like the GTA franchise.

2) Crazy Miami Online


Size: 192MB

Another game that has been projected as a clone of GTA, Crazy Miami Online presents a gaming experience very similar to that of GTA. The game allows you to take up several missions as well as explore the vast open-world map.

There are cars to steal, robberies to plan, gangs to defeat, as well as pedestrians to terrorize. Police car chases are common phenomena, and you can become part of one of the five gangs in the game to earn money.

3) Mad Town Online

Size: 174MB

Mad Town Online is a GTA alternative game featuring a distinct storyline that drives all the missions in the game. The protagonist, Sonny, is a pizza delivery guy who ends up owing $200,000 to the leader of the local Mexican gang and must now do all sorts of illegal jobs in order to pay him back.

The game focuses on gang violence and even allows the player to recruit gang members of their own. You can also buy property, like in a GTA game. Lastly, police chases are also a part of the gameplay. 


4) San Andreas Gang Wars

Size: 86MB

San Andreas Gang Wars is modelled after GTA San Andreas to the extent that its main characters actually look like CJ and his friends, complete with the white vest of CJ. The game itself features an open-world map, which can be explored by the player on a whim.

Gang rivals are a massive part of the gameplay, which includes having to take on rival gangs as well as subdue them when you can. The game also has a decent arsenal of weapons and gear to keep you going.

5) T.R.E.V.O.R. 7

Size: 175MB

Trevor 7 is a great alternative to GTA if you’re looking for a wholesome game. Set in the city which is ruled under the thumb of the Mafia, the player must navigate through the treacherous streets, execute missions, assassinate targets, rob as well as steal in order to survive in the world.

The game features a relatively large arsenal and allows the players even to buy a house and undertake plenty of both main missions as well as side missions.

Published 21 Sep 2020, 16:24 IST
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