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5 games like GTA for Android under 500 MB

Games like GTA (Image credits: GameHub, Youtube)
Games like GTA (Image credits: GameHub, Youtube)
Modified 11 Sep 2020, 15:25 IST
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The GTA franchise has been adapted for the Android platform for a while now, and has proven to be just as successful as on consoles and PC. The Android versions of the GTA games have been ported over to smartphones and present a fabulous gaming experience for players.

There are several games on Android that are much like GTA, and give the players an option if GTA starts feeling stale. In this article, we take a look at some of the best GTA-like games on Android.

Five best games like GTA for Android under 500MB

1) Crazy Miami Online

Size: 192MB

Crazy Miami Online (Image credits:
Crazy Miami Online (Image credits:

Crazy Miami Online is a decent alternative to GTA Vice City. Based on an open-world map of Miami, which inspired the model of Vice City, Crazy Miami Online is the perfect game to play when GTA is not an option. 

The game allows players to expand their criminal empire by going against gangs, stealing cars, and conducting various missions to leave your mark as the best gangster of all time.


- Join one of 5 gangs


- Earn money through missions

- Choose from various vehicles

- Explore the expansive city

2) MadOut2 

Size: 413MB

MadOut2 (Image credits:
MadOut2 (Image credits:

Madout2 Big City Online is another excellent Android open-world game like GTA. The game is all about cars and a little bit of crime on the side.

You can explore the open-world map and undertake various activities, just like you would in a GTA game. The game also equips its players with a decent arsenal to make the most of your criminal experience.


- Online mode allows up to 100 players on the map

- Features an open-world

- Over 40 types of cars and vehicles

- Various missions to undertake

3) Payback 2

Size: 102MB

Payback 2 (Image credits:
Payback 2 (Image credits:

Payback 2 is an extremely fun open-world game that features a brutal world of crime, where the player must overcome missions and take on other gangs and mobsters.

It also presents daily, weekly, or monthly challenges, apart from the story missions. This keeps the game fresh, and allows the players to spend hours in the massive open-world at a stretch.


- Over 50 campaign events

- Extensive multiplayer gameplay

- Daily and weekly challenges

- Varied weapons and dozens of vehicles to choose from

4) Los Angeles Crimes

Size: 315MB

Los Angeles Crimes (Image credits:
Los Angeles Crimes (Image credits:

Los Angeles Crimes is an Android game that borrows heavily from the kind of gameplay that has been made famous by GTA San Andreas. The game is even based in Los Angeles, which was the inspiration behind the design of Los Santos.

The game, however, adds fun elements and modes that are not usual in case of GTA, like zombie survival and multiplayer battle modes, where you must shoot to survive.


- Six maps and five game modes

- Third-person and First-person view

- Active ragdoll that reacts to environment physics and fun to watch

- Realistic character movement and motion-captured animations

5) Six-Guns: Gangs Showdown

Size: 433MB

Six-Guns (Image credits:
Six-Guns (Image credits:

Six-Guns is a game that feels a lot like GTA, but it is based in the Wild West instead of Los Santos. You play as an outlaw cowboy who is on the run from the authorities and must survive while exploring the vast open-world.

The game also allows players to undertake several missions to earn respect and money, while also taking on gangs of bandits and robbers or even supernatural beings who are out to get you.


- Explore a map based on Arizona and Oregon

- Over eight different types of horses

- 19 weapons to choose from

- More than 40 missions to beat

Published 11 Sep 2020, 15:25 IST
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