5 mini-games that should be included in GTA 6

(Picture Credits: Pinterest)
(Picture Credits: Pinterest)
Rahul Bhushan

The GTA franchise, in multiple entries of the series, has included several mini-games that players can engage in from time to time. From Golf to Triathlons, GTA 5, in particular, smashed all previous boundaries the series had set in terms of mini-games.

The mini-games in the title are so good that the tennis mini-game in GTA 5 could itself be considered a competent tennis game. While these mini-games aren't exactly necessary in the GTA games, they add a sense of realism and make the game world more immersive.

Here, we look at some mini-games that the next GTA game could include.

GTA 6: 5 mini-games that can be added to the game

5) Football


We're not suggesting that GTA should include a FIFA-level sim in the game but it could add a small street football mini-game in the upcoming GTA 6. With reports of the game being set in a South American city and with nothing being more intrinsic to football than South America, it makes sense to include it in the game.

A street football sim akin to the Volta mode in FIFA 20 would be a much-appreciated element in the game.

4) Boxing/Fighting


The melee combat in the GTA games has been adequate at best, with GTA San Andreas experimenting the most by trying out different combat styles. Having something akin to bare-knuckle boxing or street fighting in the GTA games is long overdue.

Fighting/boxing mini-games in open-world games such as Assassin's Creed have always been a welcome addition.

3) Skating


Skate parks have been present in the GTA games but no skateboards or rollerblades came along with them. While not every GTA game can be a mini Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game, a small skateboarding mini-game would always be appreciated by the gaming community.

While it is not the best look for a crime boss to be skating while listening to the newest Punk Rock anthem in the 80s, it is still an element that fans would appreciate.

2) Music


Games like The Last of Us Part II proved that playing musical instruments shouldn't just be restricted to button presses. If the GTA franchise finds a way to include the characters playing music using controls across platforms, fans are bound to love it.

The GTA series has included dancing in the games as a mechanic. Why not take it a step further and include playing musical instruments as well?

1) Adventure Sports


While GTA 5 has included skydiving as a mini-game, there is plenty of room for more adventure sports like snowboarding, skiing and downhill luge to make their way into the game.

There are plenty of adventure sports to pick from, and GTA 6 would benefit a lot from their inclusion.

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