5 tips to beat the Rhodeia’s Rage challenge easily in Genshin Impact Wishful Drops event

Image via mrsedfield (DeviantArt)
Image via mrsedfield (DeviantArt)

Rhodeia's Rage is bound to make players rage as they fight yet another Oceanid in Genshin Impact (known as the Rhodeia of Loch).

A skilled player should have no issue with Rhodeia's Rage in Genshin Impact. Although some players might consider it tougher than the regular Oceanid boss, there are ways to beat Rhodeia without frustrating the player. Unlike the regular Oceanid in Genshin Impact, Rhodeia can be damaged by regular attacks.

As Rhodeia is a Hydro-based boss in Genshin Impact, it is important to note that it can react very easily to other elements. Predictably, one should assume that Hydro-based characters won't help the player beat Rhodeia easily. However, every other element is perfectly viable (although Geo is weakened by the fact that one cannot build on the platform the boss is on). Pyro, Cryo, and Electro are the easiest ones to use, and they react strongly in conjunction with Hydro.

5 tips to beat the Rhodeia’s Rage challenge easily in Genshin Impact Wishful Drops event

#5 - Don't focus on Hydro units as the main DPS

Image via Hoyo Lab
Image via Hoyo Lab

Like regular Oceanids, the Rhodeia and its minions are immune to Hydro. This makes otherwise impressive characters like Mona unviable. Likewise, using a unit like Childe solely for his regular attacks is terribly inefficient. There are better Genshin Impact characters to use for slaying Rhodeia.

Using Barbara for healing is acceptable for players in desperate need of that kind of utility. Considering the player cannot pause during this battle (like in a few other Genshin Impact events), taking the time to eat food isn't as easy as it usually is. That said, it would limit the party's DPS capabilities, as there will be fewer elemental reactions. Plus, Barbara on her own will be incapable of dealing any damage.

#4 - Take advantage of character bonuses

Image via Wallpapercave.com
Image via Wallpapercave.com

The following Genshin Impact characters all receive Hydro RES + 30% and Elemental Recharge + 30%:

  • Hu Tao
  • Keqing
  • Ganyu
  • Lisa
  • Noelle
  • Xinyan
  • Fischl
  • Rosaria
  • Diona

This list doesn't mean that players have to use only these characters, but the bonuses are substantial enough to consider adding a few of them to one's party. For example, using great units like Diluc is still viable, but adding somebody like Diona to the party can make the battle seem like a breeze.

Of course, it is worth noting that most players won't have access to all of these units. If somebody only has access to Fischl, Lisa, and Noelle, then using them is fine. The Hydro RES and Elemental Recharge bonus can make certain party members more viable than others. However, the opposite statement is also true; the player doesn't only have to use these nine units in Genshin Impact.

#3 - Take advantage of Elemental Resonances

Image via Genshin Impact Reddit
Image via Genshin Impact Reddit

Some players overlook how useful Elemental Resonances are in Genshin Impact. Having two Pyro units in one's party boosts the party's attack by 25%, which is extremely notable in a battle against an adversary as difficult as the Rhodeia in Genshin Impact. Of course, it doesn't have to be just two Pyro units to make it work in Genshin Impact.

Two Electro units make the party be affected by Hydro for 40% less time, but it also guarantees Electro Particles when an enemy is Supercharged, Overloaded, or Electro-Charged. Combining these two Elemental Resonances can help a player's DPS tremendously.

The other relevant Elemental Resonance is with two Cryo characters. Increasing the CRIT rate by 15% might help some players, especially those who don't have optimal builds.

#2 - Take advantage of the Fitful Rapids

Image via Mina Ri (YouTube)
Image via Mina Ri (YouTube)

Rhodeia's Rage has introduced some new fancy attacks in Genshin Impact - one of which is a tidal wave that can engulf the whole battlefield. Even with Hydro RES, taking this attack dead-on is highly ill-advised. Hence, the player should use the Fitful Rapids whenever they are available. Fortunately for the player, they will always be available when Rhodeia does this attack.

The Fitful Rapids are essentially the little geysers popping out of the ground. It won't hurt the player if they come into contact with it (despite the fact it looks like it could). As soon as the player is on top of one, it will rise upward.

This simple action gives the player ample opportunity to either quickly eat, shoot a few easy shots, or move elsewhere. The Rhodeia won't be able to hit the player quickly when they're first on the Fitful Rapids, so that little extra time can make a difference.

#1 - Characters that can attack from a distance make a strong impact

Image via miHoYo
Image via miHoYo

Whether it's a strong Elemental Skill or just a bow user, having the ability to attack the Rhodeia from a distance is crucial to making this battle go by smoothly. Otherwise, a player would have to resort to being dangerously close to the Rhodeia, which isn't always an option (sometimes it flies too high up for the player to reach).

Given that bow users can spam their attacks with virtually no cooldown, a unit like Fischl (who also gets an Energy Recharge and Hydro RES bonus in this bout) can be helpful for less-skilled players. Rotating one's party on cooldown (whenever they're using their Elemental Skill) can easily dent Rhodeia's HP, especially when used in conjunction with the Fitful Rapids.

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