All LZ locations in Gray Zone Warfare 

Gray Zone Warfare
Gray Zone Warfare gameplay (Image via Madfinger Games)

LZ locations in Gray Zone Warfare (Landing Zones) are areas where you can fast travel using the chopper. These locations are stacked around distinct points of interest (POIs), such as Ban Pa, Firing Lanes, Pha Lang Airfield, Midnight Sapphire, and so on, allowing players to quickly travel between them when queueing up for missions in the game.

This article lists all LZ locations in Gray Zone Warfare. It also offers a step-by-step guide to unlocking them in the game.

Where are all LZ locations in Gray Zone Warfare

As of now, the current build of Gray Zone Warfare (May 2024) features a total of 23 LZ locations in the game. Each one can be unlocked for all factions across the game.

Here's a list of all the LZ locations in Gray Zone Warfare, excluding base camp locations for the three factions:

  1. FOXTROT 1 (Hunter's Paradise)
  2. FOXTROT 2 (Hunter's Paradise)
  3. HOTEL 1 (Midnight Sapphire)
  4. HOTEL 2 (Midnight Sapphire)
  5. HOTEL 3 (Midnight Sapphire)
  6. GOLF 1 (Pha Lang Airfield)
  7. GOLF 2 (Pha Lang Airfield)
  8. INDIA 1 (Ban Pa)
  9. INDIA 2 (Ban Pa)
  10. JULIET 1 (Tiger Bay)
  11. JULIET 2 (Tiger Bay)
  12. KILO 1 (Blue Lagoon)
  13. KILO 2 (Blue Lagoon)
  14. BRAVO 1 (Nam Thaven)
  15. BRAVO 2 (Nam Thaven)
  16. BRAVO 3 (Nam Thaven)
  17. DELTA 1 (Fort Narith)
  18. DELTA 2 (Fort Narith)
  19. DELTA 3 (Fort Narith)
  20. LIMA 1 (YBL-1)
  21. LIMA 2 (YBL-1)
  22. ECHO 1 (Sawmill)
  23. ECHO 2 (Sawmill)

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How to unlock new LZ locations in Gray Zone Warfare

There are three ways through which you can unlock new LZ locations in Gray Zone Warfare:

  1. By traveling to LZs on foot
  2. Completing missions
  3. Travelling with friends who have access to LZs

1) Travelling to LZs on foot

You can use our embedded image as a reference point to locate all the 23 LZs in Gray Zone Warfare. Upon doing so, you can simply travel to the locations by foot and unlock them on your map for easy fast-travel options.

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2) Completing missions

As you progress through the game and complete a series of missions, you will be provided access to newer LZs. Since newer missions are generally located in unexplored POIs, completing them will unlock a series of new LZs in your game.

3) Travelling with friends who have access to LZs

If you have friends who have unlocked a series of LZs that are yet undiscovered by you, you can hitch a ride on their chopper to quickly gain access to them in your game.

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