All Overwatch 2 Tank heroes ranked

Tank heroes in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Tank heroes in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Overwatch 2 closed beta is available to players, and they can finally test the abilities of the wide range of heroes that the shooter game offers. The beta will end on May 17, 2022.

Each hero in the hero-shooter game belongs to one of the three categories: Tank, Support, or Damage. Tank heroes are tough fighters, and they are the main protectors of the team.

Each team can have only one Tank hero and many characters’ abilities from this category have been reworked ahead of the beta. To ensure that players choose the best one, they can take a look at the ranked list of heroes that belong to the Tank category in Overwatch 2

Ranked list of Tank heroes in Overwatch 2

9) Winston


Winston is the least popular hero from the Tank category and is only useful for players who have a clear concept about the positioning of the hero. If the enemy is able to change their location swift, Winton’s Ability 1 is of no use.

His Ultimate ability is underwhelming compared to the other heroes on the list. Due to the hits and misses that players have faced over the months, it is likely that he will be as unpopular in Overwatch 2 as he was in Overwatch.

  • Primary weapon: Tesla Cannon
  • Ability 1: Jump Pack
  • Ability 2: Barrier Projector
  • Ultimate Ability: Primal Rage

8) Roadhog


The aim of the players is crucial for the game, even more so when it comes to using the Roadhog. If amateur gamers cannot successfully attach the hook to the enemy, having this Tank hero in the team does not serve a good enough purpose.

However, he is still powerful when it comes to disruption. He is quite self-sufficient due to his healing abilities. Players in the Overwatch community usually have mixed reactions when it comes to this hero.

  • Primary weapon: Scrap Gun
  • Ability 1: Take a Breather
  • Ability 2: Chain Hook
  • Ultimate Ability: Whole Hog

7) Orisa


Orisa is not a very effective Overwatch 2 hero when it comes to dealing damage and also as a barrier, compared to other Tank heroes. She now has new primary and secondary weapons and two new abilities (including her ultimate), which is why she is placed higher on this list.

She currently does not have her Supercharger, Halt! or the Protective Barrier ability. Developers have now reworked her ability to make the character more offensive by boosting her primary health and armor level.

  • Primary weapon: Augmented Fusion Driver
  • Ability 1: Energy Javelin
  • Ability 2: Javelin Spin
  • Ability 3: Fortify
  • Ultimate Ability: Terra Surge

6) Sigma


Being the only floating tank, Sigma’s ability is quite unique compared to the abilities of other heroes in Overwatch 2. The ability to propel teammates using his Ultimate is quite helpful during intense fights.

Players can also use his Ability 1 to its full potential, and even if it is destroyed, he can use another barrier after five seconds. One of the best aspects of this Tank hero is that he is capable of converting incoming projectiles to shields.

  • Primary weapon: Hyperspheres
  • Ability 1: Experimental Barrier
  • Ability 2: Kinetic Grasp
  • Ability 3: Accretion
  • Ultimate Ability: Gravitic Flux

5) Wrecking Ball


With 150 armor and 550 base health, this Tank hero has the highest maximum health points in this category. Moreover, he is the best when it comes to mobility.

The damage inflicted by the Tank hero is also decent. Using the Ultimate ability, players can blow up enemies nearby and gain an advantage over their opponents in the hero-shooter game.

  • Primary weapon: Quad Cannons
  • Ability 1: Grappling Claw
  • Ability 2: Roll
  • Ability 3: Adaptive Shield
  • Ability 4: Piledriver
  • Ultimate Ability: Minefield

4) Zarya


If players have solid communication with their teammates, this tank hero can be used to the best of her ability. Moreover, her Ultimate Ability is also quite powerful.

Much to the excitement of players, Zarya’s abilities have been reworked for the Overwatch 2 beta. She can now use her personal barriers to protect herself or two of her teammates at the same time, making her one of the best support Tank heroes in the game.

  • Primary weapon: Particle Cannon
  • Passive Ability: Energy
  • Ability 1: Particle Barrier
  • Ability 2: Projected Barrier
  • Ultimate Ability: Graviton Surge

3) Doomfist


Doomfist is another hero who received a major rework ahead of the Overwatch 2 beta. From being a Damage hero, he is now considered a Tank in the hero-shooter game.

His health has also been boosted, and he has a brand new Ability 1 called Power Block that allows him to block frontal damage and charge up his Ability 2, Rocket Punch. However, Doomfist's Uppercut ability is no longer available.

  • Primary weapon: Hand Cannon
  • Ability 1: Power Block
  • Ability 2: Rocket Punch
  • Ability 3: Seismic Slam
  • Ultimate Ability: Meteor Strike

2) Reinhardt


Reinhardt is the best hero in Overwatch 2 when it comes to shields. However, players do need to strike a balance between deploying their shields and inflicting damage on the enemy.

Before introducing him to the sequel, the developers gave him two charges of his Fire Strike projectile, which is his Ability 3. His Ability 2 is now more controlled, which is very useful if the threat is significant.

  • Primary weapon: Rocket Hammer
  • Ability 1: Barrier Field
  • Ability 2: Charge
  • Ability 3: Fire Strike
  • Ultimate Ability: Earthshatter

1) D.Va


D.Va is one of the most chosen characters in Overwatch and the same is expected of her in Overwatch 2. She is the most versatile hero in the Tank category.

Her skills have not altered much, but some of them were nerfed before her transition to the closed beta. D.Va is one of the best counters to powerful heroes like Soldier 76, Hanzo, and more.

  • Primary weapon: Fusion Cannons
  • Passive Ability: Eject!
  • Ability 1: Defense Matrix
  • Ability 2: Boosters
  • Ultimate Ability 1: Self-Destruct
  • Ultimate Ability 2: Call Mech

Disclaimer: This list reflects the author's opinion. Character selection solely depends upon a gamer’s play style.

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