10 best Gym defenders in Pokemon GO's current meta

Season 15 of Pokemon Go, Hidden Gems (Image via Niantic)
Season 15 of Pokemon Go (Image via Niantic)

It is very important to choose the right Pocket Monsters for defending Gyms in Pokemon GO. This is because the duration for which a creature resists attackers will determine how many Pokecoins you make every day. Everyone knows how valuable these resources are, and it costs real money to obtain them. The only free method of getting your hands on Pokecoins is defending Gyms.

Thus, choosing the beefiest Pokemon from your arsenal for this purpose is of the utmost priority.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinions.

Here are 10 best Pokemon that will deter attackers from taking over your Gym in Pokemon GO

10) Gardevoir


Gardevoir happens to be among the best options to use when it comes to defending a Gym in Pokemon GO. This is because it has a lot of synergy with a few other entities that are equally capable of keeping foes away from these POIs. Where it lacks in its ability to absorb oncoming attacks, Gardevoir relies solely on its typing and moveset to disengage attackers.

Furthermore, there are only a handful of good counters against Pokemon that have a Fairy and Psychic type combination, which is what this entity has.

A lot of tanky Gym defenders are weak to fighting-type Pokemon, but Gardevoir can do a good job against them as well since it has a typing advantage against such attackers.

9) Togekiss


Togekiss is a menace in the Great Battle League, as it can chip down enemy Pokemon with only its charged move, Charm. As a result, it is also useful against enemies that come to attack Gyms. It can do everything the previous entry can.

Moreover, not only does this entity exhaust attacking Pokemon, it also synergizes well with other entities that defend the Gym. As a result, Togekiss will surely make attackers use up a lot of resources while trying to take over it.

8) Milotic


You will not be impressed when it comes to Milotic’s offense statistics. However, a major reason why you would want to use this entity for defending your Gym is that it has an insanely high defense stat, and the entity's moveset is really effective against common attackers of this POI in Pokemon GO.

With a Water and Dragon-type combination, Milotic is one of the best defenders in Pokemon GO and is sure to give you those crucial hours that you need to protect your Gym to get the Pokecoins.

7) Slaking


With a base Combat Power (CP) higher than any other Pokemon in this game, Slaking is a highly sought-after Pocket Monster when it comes to choosing an entity for effective base defense.

Despite being trash at Gym combat, this creature is still one of the best defenders available because it scares away new or more casual gamers with its high CP and other admirable statistics.

This Pokemon causes a lot of beginners to avoid the Gym altogether when they see Slaking in the defense roster, as newbies feel they will need to use up a lot of resources trying to take this unit down.

However, a seasoned Gym attacker will be aware of the fact that despite its incredibly high CP, this entity is bad at combat. This is because a high CP results in this Pokemon losing health fast. Furthermore, Slaking does not come with a good moveset, making it more of a hit-or-miss in terms of defensive power. That said, it does help keep the gym safe from newer gamers.

6) Gyarados


Gyarados' impressive offensive traits are what puts this entity among the best Gym defenders in Pokemon GO's current meta. Even though this creature has relatively low defense stats, its typing advantage in combat and ridiculously high Attack stats make it synergize well with other tanky Gym defenders.

Someone trying to breach the defense of any Pokemon GO POI with Gyarados in it will have to use up a lot of resources in potions and revives.

5) Dragonite


Dragonite is one of those OG creatures that everyone wanted to have in their collection when this title had just been launched. This, however, is not a trophy Pocket Monster since this creature is undoubtedly one of the best Dragon-typing entities in Pokemon GO today.

Dragonite has become obscure when it comes to Gym defense, but its overall impressive statistics and nice type still make it relevant in certain combat situations.

4) Snorlax


Snorlax has always been one of the most popular creatures when it comes to beefy Gym defenders in Pokemon GO. It has proven itself to be a perfect choice if you want to have an entity that is resistant to almost everything that can be thrown at it.

Owing to its incredible defense statistics and more-than-powerful moveset, Snorlax gives you enough time to react when your Gym is under attack. As a result, you are able to feed berries to your Pokemon and make life harder for whoever is trying to throw you aside.

3) Metagross


People usually connect Metagross to the Go Battle League and raid battles due to its incredibly powerful moveset, which makes it viable as a Gym defender. It offers an overall decent typing coverage, as its Psychic and Meteor Mash moveset deal a lot of damage to most of the common Pokemon that people use to attack gyms.

Furthermore, there are not a lot of good counters that people can use against Metagross. Even if they use a good Fire-typing Pokemon, this entry's high DPS capabilities will greatly drain the health of attackers.

2) Chansey


Chansey hardly has any good offensive abilities, but that is where its tankiness comes into play. This Pokemon is built with defense as its main priority, and that is why many people love to use it to keep their base safe.

Its high defense stat allows Chansey to take up a lot of time when a Gym is being attacked. This allows the defending party to feed berries to their Pokemon, making it really hard to be defeated.

Chansey is also a commonly available entity that makes it easy for you to grind for candies, which you will need if you want to max out this Pokemon GO creature.

1) Blissey


Most players know by now that Blissey is the best Pokemon when it comes to protecting Gyms. This is because of its extremely high health and defense statistics. If you are someone who has a decent IV Blissey and a good stockpile of Golden Razz Berries, then you will make it almost impossible for anyone to take over your Pokemon GO Gym.

This entity does not have a decent moveset. However, players will find how tanky it is annoying, and some might even ignore attacking a Gym if they see Blissey guarding it.

These are the best defenders in Gym Pokemon GO's current meta. If you feel some other entities should have been on this list, don’t forget to comment down below.

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