Call of Duty: Warzone - 10 most annoying bugs and glitches players have faced so far

Call of Duty: Warzone is two years old and has seen a lot of bugs and glitches (Image via Activision)
Call of Duty: Warzone is two years old and has seen a lot of bugs and glitches (Image via Activision)
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Call of duty: Warzone was released back in March 2020. With over two years since the release, Raven software and Infinity Ward continue to fix many problems in the game that have been bugging the playerbase. The game so far has seen many technical problems that were so game-breaking that players had to take to social media to address them.

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The issues mainly involved the game's servers, player models, in-game models, or programming of the game in general. This listicle will go through 10 most annoying bugs and glitches that players have encountered in Warzone since its release.

Warzone has seen its fair share of bugs and glitches since its release

Call of Duty: Warzone is a battle royale video game requiring hefty server and back-end work, and it is only natural to assume that things in this department sometimes do not work perfectly. That said, it is also important to note how much work goes into fixing and removing most of these complications from the game.

1) Verdansk wall/floor glitch


This particular glitch was spotted in the game back in June 2021. it allowed players to get inside a certain wall on the map of Verndask.

This glitch straight up broke the game for other players in the match. This is because it rendered players using it invisible once they crawled inside the wall. Moreover, these players were able to see everybody around them as well as move around with more freedom than one might expect.

2) The invisibility glitch


This game-breaking glitch allowed players to become completely invisible and invincible, letting them shoot and perform all other actions as they normally would be able to do.

This glitch was triggered when a player was directly under the drop of a loadout bought with $10,000 cash in the game. This was so game-breaking that the Warzone community made their opinion about this glitch known, and though it was patched, some players still claimed to have faced it afterward.

3) Infinite money glitch in Warzone


This glitch let players earn more money while trading, and it was extremely broken when it came to the title's economy. Players were able to earn more cash in the game for trading while they were trading, which didn't make any sense at all. It allowed players who were taking advantage of the glitch to earn as much cash as they needed to buy better weaponry.

4) Parachute glitch


The Parachute glitch was the weirdest of all the glitches as sometimes it did not even work as an exploit but just broke the game for players.

The parachute glitch could be used to consistently fly around the map after being deployed as the game thought the player was still in the chopper. Players could use the inputs of the helicopter pilot to fly around the map much faster after deployment, giving them a huge time advantage.

5) The subway aim cancel glitch


This is one of the most painful bugs a player can ever face in Warzone. This glitch does not allow a player to shoot throughout the game.

Once the player has traveled through the subway system and is ready to leave the carriage, the title automatically takes away the ability to aim down sights or hip fire. Warzone is a battle-royale game in which players have to be on their guard at all times and be ready to take down any foe who decides to come in their way; however, this glitch takes away the ability to defend yourself or use any offense in a game-breaking experience.

6) "Airspace is too crowded" bug


Players have been facing this bug since the release of the game, and sometimes, it still happens when people try to call for air support in a match.

Late in the game, when players try to call for a precision strike on a downed enemy, even if there is not a single plane in the sky, the game will still offer a message that says, "Airspace is too crowded," meaning players cannot call for support. This glitch is highly annoying, and sometimes it lasts the entirety of a match.

7) The smoke bug


The smoke bug is an extremely painful bug as it guarantees that the player encountering it will lose the match.

After a fight in the Gulag, respawning in the game will result in the player spawning with a smoke trail that follows them throughout the game. This easily attracts any enemies nearby and gives a clear indication that it is coming from the player.

8) The self-revive glitch


This bug allows players to not die even after getting DBNO'd (downed but not out). This means once they are down and use this glitch, they become invincible and can be revived without worrying about being killed.

Players exploiting this bug use self revive and then stop midway. As a result, the bug is triggered, and they can just lie there without the down timer working as it should. Any player trying to get a kill on the downed body cannot finish them due to this the player's invincibility.

9) Reload glitch


There was a reload glitch in the game that stopped players from reloading their guns after emptying their magazines.

This glitch was so abhorrent in team fights that it facilitated rage quits. The glitch occurred if the player had an empty mag and started the reload animation. After a new magazine was put into the gun, the number of bullets would still be zero, and the weapon would not fire.

10) Riot shield invincibility glitch


This annoying glitch can be through several tactics in the game but is the most popular with shields in Warzone.

An exploding bow and riot shield can grant invincibility to players using the shield. This allows them to move freely across the map without worrying about getting attacked from any direction, and they can use any weapon in Warzone as they please during the time the glitch is active.

While the developers continue to try to improve the gameplay experience, some issues from the past have remained, and new ones keep presenting themselves.

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