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CodeMiko is creating a "streamer Pokemon" game

Image via CodeMiko & Pokemon
Image via CodeMiko & Pokemon
Modified 24 Jan 2021

CodeMiko is making a game where streamers are Pokemon. Many streamers have volunteered to be a part of this project. Some of them are quite popular like Jacksepticeye and Neekolul.

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Others who seem to be taking an interest are growing streamers like ItsSky and Crusader from Liquid,

CodeMiko has tweeted that she has been looking for applicants versed with the Unreal Engine and art. There's potential for people in game design positions.


From the tweet, it can be surmised that CodeMiko is looking for 150 streamers, which is equivalent to the 150 original Pokemon.

This has led many fans to believe that this is an attempt at recreating the original Pokemon games. Recreating the original games would make sense because the original games are more widely accepted and well-known than the newer ones.


Other than that, there is no other information on this. Miko could reuse the map, make a new one, or make the entire game 3D. There were many streamers who commented that they were in. She clearly has a large pool to choose from.

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CodeMiko's game might have similarities to another game

A user that pointed out how this idea was similar to Twitch Pokemon. He also alluded to the downfall of the Twitch Pokemon game.

It is clear that this will be a much bigger venture and reach a broader audience. There is also another fact to take into account; the streamers are pokemon and not trainers.


CodeMiko responded out of curiosity. The user revealed that the downfall was completely unrelated to the game and had to do with a different situation entirely. She did not respond further.

If this works out, it could be one of the most interesting ideas to come out of the streaming community.

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Published 24 Jan 2021, 21:44 IST
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