Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: How to get all Royal Tool upgrades

The Royal Tools are key items in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Youtube - Mirraj Gaming)
The Royal Tools are key items in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via YouTube - Mirraj Gaming)

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a new life-simulation game that lets players create a second life in a virtual world populated by Disney characters. The game allows you to build a new home, make friends with your favorite Disney personas, and participate in a number of activities such as farming, mining, fishing, etc.,

For all of these activities that you’ll constantly get up to in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will require a set of Royal Tools, which you can obtain early on in the game. These tools are essential to playing the game in general, and there are certain upgrades that you can acquire for each.

In this guide for Disney Dreamlight Valley, I’ll take you through what exactly the Royal Tools are and how to acquire them. I’ll also tell you how you can get each upgrade for the different tools in the game. Read on to learn more.

Royal Tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Once you arrive in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll be talking to the wizard Merlin about your initial objectives and finding out what you’re supposed to do. One of the quests you’ll get at the time is "The Royal Tools," which will require you to locate each of these tools in the world.

There are four Royal Tools in the game, all of which are immediately available in the two accessible areas early on. Below is a list of all the tools and locations from where you can pick them up.

  • Watering Can - This tool is the one you can acquire quite easily, as it is just towards the back of your house in the game. Simply clear up the Night Thorns on the structure's right, and you’ll see a sparkling item.
  • Shovel - To find the Shovel, cross the road from your house to the other side of the Plaza. You’ll see a broken-down restaurant (Chez Remy!), and the Shovel will be on the left of the structure.
  • Pickaxe - The pickaxe is embedded in stone on the path that leads directly from the Plaza to the next area, the Peaceful Meadows. From the center of the Plaza, head south, and you should come across it.
  • Fishing Rod - The fishing rod is found near the largest pool in the Meadows. It will need to be given to Goofy, who will fix it for you.

Royal Tool Upgrades

Three of the four Royal Tools can be upgraded in Disney Dreamlight Valley, although these are only available via quests from different NPCs. By upgrading the tools, you’ll increase their effectiveness and also open up additional abilities for each.

Finding the pickaxe (Image via YouTube - Mirraj Gaming)
Finding the pickaxe (Image via YouTube - Mirraj Gaming)

Below I’ll be discussing each of the tools, their respective upgrades, and where you can get them. Keep reading to get all the upgrades to the tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Fishing Rod:

This is the only tool in Disney Dreamlight Valley that currently does not have an upgrade and functions the same throughout the game. After receiving the fixed tool from Goofy, you’ll be able to fish in ponds and later in the seas and rivers of different biomes.

Fishing with Goofy (Image via YouTube - Mirraj Gaming)
Fishing with Goofy (Image via YouTube - Mirraj Gaming)

Fishing is a great way to make money, as fish sell for a good price at Goofy’s stall. Different fish are native to different biomes, and catching the best ones involves fishing only inside the ripples. There is a small minigame, completing which will always net you a fish, so you are not dependent on RNG.


The Shovel in Disney Dreamlight Valley allows you to dig holes in the ground in its base form. It is primarily useful for farming, gardening, and digging for hidden treasures. However, the upgrade will let you remove tree stumps from the world, which will be blocking certain paths and will net you with a large amount of soft and hardwood.

The Shovel Blade upgrade (Image via YouTube - Mirraj Gaming)
The Shovel Blade upgrade (Image via YouTube - Mirraj Gaming)

To earn yourself this upgrade, you’ll need to have Anna unlocked in the game and exist as a resident in the valley. At friendship level 2, she will give you a quest called "An Icy Invitation," completing which will include you getting the upgrade. You can take a look at our walkthrough for the quest here.

Watering Can:

The Watering Can is another tool used primarily during gardening and farming, although its hidden potential is revealed during a quest from Merlin known as "A New Enchantment." This gives you a sneak peek at the ability to remove the dark mushroom clusters that dot the game world.

Removing the dark mushrooms (Image via YouTube - Mirraj Gaming)
Removing the dark mushrooms (Image via YouTube - Mirraj Gaming)

To get this upgrade permanently, you’ll need to progress Merlin’s friendship until you get the "A Dark Experiment" quest. This will unlock the ability to remove small mushroom clusters. Reach friendship level 10, and you will be given the quest "The Final Trial," which grants you the ability to clear up larger clusters. Follow our guide for both quests here.


The pickaxe is probably the most important tool in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as it is primarily used to remove obstacles like large rocks and for mining mineral ores to unearth precious gems. The pickaxe can be upgraded to break down even more obstacles and open up paths, increasing its mining efficiency.

The first upgrade can be obtained by doing the quest to recruit Moana as a resident in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This will allow you to break down the small blue rocks known as storm debris in the game. Follow this guide for a walkthrough.

Breaking the storm debris (Image via YouTube - Mirraj Gaming)
Breaking the storm debris (Image via YouTube - Mirraj Gaming)

The second upgrade can be attained similarly via Maui, although this time, you’ll need to have him in the valley and reach level 6 friendship. He will then talk to you regarding the large storm debris in Dazzle Beach and give you the quest known as "A Tale of Stone and Fire." Complete this, and you’ll get the second upgrade. Follow our guide for this here.

The third upgrade for the pickaxe can be attained through quests from Elsa, whom you’ll need to recruit into the valley first. Immediately once she has arrived, you can talk to her regarding the Ice Caverns. The quest, titled "Breaking the Ice," will start, completing which will grant you the ability to break small ice formations.

Breaking ice formations (Image via YouTube - Mirraj Gaming)
Breaking ice formations (Image via YouTube - Mirraj Gaming)

The last upgrade that will allow you to break large ice formations can be attained via a quest called "The Singing Ice," which can be received from Elsa after you reach friendship level 6. You can follow this guide for a walkthrough of both the quests from Elsa.

And those were all the upgrades for the Royal Tools that you can get in Disney Dreamlight Valley. With these unlocked, you can reach all the locked-off areas and reveal hidden treasures in the game. The fully upgraded Royal Tools will be the first step in reaching the end-game and completing the main campaign in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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