Explore Minecraft's largest city: Greenfield

Image via Twiistz/YouTube
Image via Twiistz/YouTube

Minecraft is home to some fantastic builds, but this massive and sprawling city is in a league of its own.

Minecraft builders have made some truly remarkable creations both in size and attention to detail. Builds that have been created include Hogwarts from the world of Harry Potter, the Death Star from the galaxies of Star Wars, and even a recreation of the Taj Mahal.

As spectacular as all of these builds are, none of them can hold a candle to the colossal city of Greenfield. This article will be showcasing the largest city that exists across all of Minecraft.

Explore Minecraft's largest city: Greenfield

Image via THEJESTER/
Image via THEJESTER/

The creators of this Minecraft map describe it as 'a city like no other,' and upon exploration, that claim rings true. This build was carefully planned and executed by what can only be described as a team of master architects. The city is built on a 1:1 scale, which means that each block is equivalent to 1 meter. Not only is this entire city massive, but it creates the feeling for Minecraft players that they are walking through a real-life city.

Greenfield was majorly inspired by the real-world city of Los Angeles and has now blossomed into its own west coast themed metropolis. Explore a downtown filled with skyscrapers and commercial buildings, the city's own airport, the rich suburbs, the down on their luck ghettos, and more. Transportation is made simple with a network of roads, interstates, and railways.

There are thousands of unique buildings, structures, boats, planes, and more. However, what is even more impressive, is that 99% of all buildings in Greenfield have a full interior. This build has really come a long way since it first started being developed back in August of 2011.

Be sure to look out for easter eggs while exploring this map!

Words really cannot do justice to this Minecraft creation; take a quick virtual tour with this video. The countless hours of labor by the builders turned into something so fantastic that it has set a new standard for excellence. It is hard to believe that the builders consider Greenfield as only 20% complete.

Download this great map here and explore the beautiful city of Greenfield. This map just recently reached the milestone of over 1,000,000 downloads, which speaks for itself.

Take a look at Greenfield in real-time

Image via
Image via

Those who are interested in looking at Greenfield can actually do some from a web browser. This live dynamic map can help interested individuals take a look at Greenfield and determine the coordinates of places of interest.

Apply to join the building team

Anyone who is interested in joining this team of tremendous builders can do so by following the application process found here.

All applications are eventually responded to, so this could be a prime opportunity for Minecraft builders looking to get involved with a truly epic project.

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