FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Best valued Icon Swaps II SBCs in FUT 22

What are the best Icon Swaps II SBCs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team? (Image via Sportskeeda)
What are the best Icon Swaps II SBCs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Adarsh J Kumar

FIFA 22 have followed up on their Icon Swaps SBC series with a second edition.

Like the previous series, Icon Swaps II features 16 separate SBCs that allow FUT players to trade their Icon Swap tokens in exchange for certain items.

Icon Swap tokens can be redeemed by completing a set of tasks that players can find in the Milestones section of FIFA Ultimate Team.


FUT players can collect up to nine Icon Swap tokens before the ongoing season of FIFA 22 ends. The opportunity to earn nine more tokens will be available once the new season starts.

A key area of focus for players attempting the Icon Swaps challenge should be the proper utilization of the tokens. Since players receive only up to 18 tokens, they will have to think carefully about which of the 16 new SBCs released as part of the Icons Swap II series they wish to purchase.

Listed below are five of the most profitable SBCs from Icon Swaps II.

Best Icon Swaps II SBCs for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

5) Prime Icon Pack


Ultimate Team players can exchange 8 Icon Swaps II tokens to redeem a Prime Icon Pack. Upon unpacking, FUT players have the opportunity to redeem some of the best cards in the game. Featured in the Prime Icon series are retired football legends whose ratings are based on the best form of their careers.

Prime Icon players in FIFA 22 range from Hidetoshi Nakata's 88-OVR to Pele's 98-OVR. Despite not having the choice of the player they get, FUT players have the chance to get their hands on a highly rated card at the cost of just eight tokens.

4) Fodder Packs


FIFA has released three different fodder packs in the Icon Swaps II SBCs. As the name states, each pack furnishes the player's inventory in order to complete the various SBCs and objectives that the game has to offer

Each pack offers 25 players with ratings as mentioned in the SBC. The cost of each of the fodder SBCs is listed below:

  • 81+ x25 Pack - 2 tokens
  • 82+ x25 Pack - 3 tokens
  • 83+ x25 Pack - 5 tokens

For a combined cost of 10 tokens, FUT players can redeem all three sets of fodder SBCs in the Icons Swap II series.

3) Hristo Stoichkov Prime Icon


FIFA 22's Ultimate Team player base can get their hands on Hristo Stoichkov's Prime Icon variant at a fair cost of just nine Icon Swap II tokens. The Bulgarian striker's best version in the game is his 92-rated Prime Icon variant, which boasts 92 pace, 92 dribbling and 93 shooting.

Stoichkov's strength is his remarkable shooting ability. His physicals, as well as his passing and dribbling abilities, also match up to his shooting skills. With well-balanced individual attributes, this left-footed genius is a menace to play against in FIFA 22. Luckily, he is one of the cheapest buys among the Icon Swaps II SBCs.

2) 91+ Mid or Prime Icon Pack


At the cost of eight Icon Swaps tokens, Ultimate Team players can redeem a 91+ Mid or Prime Icon Pack. Although a Prime Icon is not guaranteed like in the Prime Icon Pack, the 91+ ratings condition filters out the majority of Mid Icon cards as well as a few Prime Icon ones.

Hence, this pack is a great opportunity for FUT players to avail an Icon card rated above 91 and possibly one of the Icon cards from the higher end of the spectrum.

Similar SBCs like 92+ Prime Icon Pack and the Mid or Prime Player Pick are also available as part of Icon Swaps II. However, the 91+ Mid or Prime Icon Pack is far more lucrative, with less risk of receiving an unfavorable reward.

1) Xavier Hernández Prime Icon


One of the most cost-effective SBCs from Icon Swaps II is the Prime Icon variant of Xavi Hernandez. For as little as seven tokens, FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players can obtain a 93-rated variant of the former FC Barcelona star.

In his Prime Icon variant, Xavi specializes in dribbling and passing, with sufficient pace and shooting attributes as well. He boasts 93 dribbling and 95 passing, with 98 vision, 97 ball control, 97 short passing, and 90 stamina.

The Spaniard is the ideal presence in midfield. He is the visionary that teams require to enjoy a successful series of performances in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh


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