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GTA 3: How to Download on PC

(picture credits: gtaseriesvideos)
(picture credits: gtaseriesvideos)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 05 Jun 2020, 12:13 IST

The release of GTA III marked a new era for Rockstar Games called the 3D era. The new era meant that they had shifted from the top-down 2D perspective seen previously in GTA I and II.

The game was now from a third-person perspective and players were given a vast open-world in Liberty City. The game's protagonist, Claude, could essentially free-roam the entire map and even use public transportation such as Subways.

GTA III was a much moodier affair than Vice City, that released after GTA III. The game's tone was more akin to crime epics like The Sopranos and Goodfellas.

But that's not to say GTA III was a dull affair, the game had its moment of over-the-top explosive set-pieces, and moments of levity throughout the campaign.

The game begins with the protagonist, Claude, being double-crossed in a Heist, and left for dead, only to be arrested by the police. Claude breaks free of the prison transport during transfer and becomes entangled in a war between the Mafia, Yakuza, and the Cartel.

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How to Download GTA 3 On PC

GTA 3 on Steam
GTA 3 on Steam

GTA III is available on Steam for a reasonable price and can be purchased from the site, here.

The game will run on almost every PC setup today, as it is not demanding in the least bit, given the capability of hardware today.


GTA III is a great game to play if one is looking to witness the lineage of Grand Theft Auto games and play the classics of the games before the HD era, i.e GTA IV onwards.

The game's excellent setting in Liberty City, inspired by New York, is a great open-world environment that feels lived-in and offers plenty of incentive for the player to explore.

The exclusion of bikes from the game was missed sorely, but the inclusion of Subways as a fast-travel mechanic was appreciated.

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Published 05 Jun 2020, 12:13 IST
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