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GTA 5: Stock market tips and how to make more money

Image credits: gosunoob
Image credits: gosunoob
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 02 Oct 2020, 10:50 IST

GTA 5 is perhaps the closest thing to real-life that video games have to offer, complete with a life-like stock market affected by real-life events. This shows that Rockstar Games went above and beyond to add authenticity to the world of GTA 5.

It really cannot be understated how much effort goes into creating something as expansive and authentic as Los Santos. The Stock Market functions very much like one in real-life, and the player stands to make a lot of money by investing money in it.

It is one of many ways in GTA 5, outside of the Story Missions, through which players can make money. We go over a couple of ways by which users can make a whole lot of money by investing correctly in the stock market in this title.

GTA 5: Stock Market tips

1) Save Assassinations missions for last

Ideally, players like to get done with all Side Missions and other distractions before they finish the Story Missions. However, it would be that much more beneficial for players to leave Lester's Assassination missions for last.

After completing "The Big Score" and robbing Union Depository, gamers should have a lot of money in their bank accounts. This is the perfect time to invest money in the stock market and completing the Assassination missions.


However, players need to make specific trades to make the most amount of money through these missions. Read our full guide of Assassination Missions and which trades to make to earn, potentially, billions.

Guide to Assassination Missions stock trading

2) Meddling with Airline stocks

In GTA 5's Stock Market, two significant airlines compete against each other: AirEMU and FlyUS. The player can invest in either, preferably AirEMU, and destroy the other airline's fleet at the Los Santos airport to affect prices.

The gamer has to visit the Los Santos International Airport and look for FlyUS planes. It shouldn't be that hard as there are plenty, and the liveries make them easier to identify.

They can then invest money in AirEMU before going off to destroy its competitor's planes and see the company's value soar up in GTA 5's Stock Market. Before investing a tonne of money into the stock market in this game, users must remember to save the game.


3) Tinkle Stock Tip

Ideally, this should be done later in the game when the player has a lot of money to throw around in GTA 5. First off, they need to get all their characters to invest in Tinkle (BAWSAQ) and then, as Michael, travel to Hitch Lift 1.

There, players will spot a character to pick up and drop to the airport. Midway during the ride, this person will let players know of a stock that will shoot up in value.

After a while, Tinkle's value should shoot up, and players can sell their stock to make a lot of money.

Published 02 Oct 2020, 10:50 IST
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