GTA 6: 5 things Rockstar Games should avoid in the game

(Image Credits: Firstpost)
(Image Credits: Firstpost)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 02 Jul 2020
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Rockstar Games has a brilliant track record when it comes to churning out back-to-back gaming hits as they have been successful with every one of their titles in the last two decades. The GTA franchise is undeniably their most successful and recognisable product and one that has only moved from strength to strength.

However, there is always room for improvement, even with the GTA franchise. The last game in the series was GTA 5, which was released back in 2013. While it impressed the majority of the fanbase, some users detailed a series of issues they had with the game.

Although it is- by no means- a perfect game, GTA 5 offers simply way too much for it to be considered a mediocre product. With that said, there are many lessons that Rockstar Games can learn in order to provide an overall better product with GTA 6.

5 things Rockstar Games should avoid in GTA 6

5) Multiple Protagonists

(Image Credits: GTA series videos, YouTube)
(Image Credits: GTA series videos, YouTube)

The multiple-protagonist concept worked as a great mechanic in GTA 5 and was ultimately a great addition to the game. It allowed the player to take control of different characters and experience the game in their style.

However, it detracts from the focus of the narrative and doesn't allow the player to fully invest in one protagonist.

Perhaps, Rockstar should go back to the single-protagonist approach of the previous games in order to have a more focused experience.

4) Reliance on Nostalgia

(Image Credits: Theo Alkibiades Collias, YouTube)
(Image Credits: Theo Alkibiades Collias, YouTube)

The major speculation among fans on the internet is that GTA 6 is likely to be set in the 80s era of Vice City. This is sure to make for an extremely nostalgic experience for players who have played the older games set in Vice City.

However, this will be a tough tightrope act for Rockstar as they must find a balance between introducing modern elements and relying on nostalgia.

While some amount of nostalgia is always good, if GTA 6 keeps going back to the well by re-introducing old characters, old locations and references, it is sure to be a little disappointing for fans.

3) Linear Missions

Missions have always been linear in the franchise
Missions have always been linear in the franchise

The GTA franchise has thrived in its open-world setting but it has often been criticised for its linear mission structure, which hasn't changed since GTA 3.

All missions in the GTA franchise pan out the same way and do not leave much for the player to experiment with, apart from vehicle or weapon choice. Players always have to follow strict paths in the Story Missions and this kills any freedom that a player has in the open world.

Opening up the game structure even in Story Missions would be a great way to add some more excitement into GTA 6.

2) A movie-inspired narrative again

Rockstar can never be slated for not being ambitious with their stories as their love for movies has always been apparent in the GTA franchise.

However, over the years, the franchise has received a considerable amount of criticism over the series' obsession with movies and how they take a little too much inspiration from them.

While games like GTA 4 offered a more nuanced experience than the ones before, the characters and narrative of GTA 5 took much inspiration from movies like Heat.

While a couple of neat references is always appreciated, the GTA franchise must innovate in terms of a more ambitious narrative like Red Dead Redemption 2.

1) A grim narrative

GTA 4 received a lot of flak for its diversion from the series' more light-hearted approach to the story. It introduced a dark, grim and realistic atmosphere in Liberty City that did not please a lot of fans.

However, balancing the tone of GTA 4 and the tone of lighter-hearted games like GTA 5 should be the priority for Rockstar. The middle ground between them will likely provide an exciting narrative that is worth investing in.

Published 02 Jul 2020
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