GTA Online: How to hack the security panel in the Diamond Casino Heist

Image credits: Nicks141, youtube
Image credits: Nicks141, youtube
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GTA Online is perhaps one of Rockstar Game's most treasured properties, as it has been the biggest money-maker for the publisher and helped the franchise stay relevant. This has been in line with the gaming industry seeing a massive shift towards games that offer long-term support over just releasing the base game.

Season Passes and DLCs have become the norm in the industry, but GTA Online is an anomaly in a lot of ways. The updates for this title come without additional costs, and players need only own GTA 5 on their platforms to receive updates.

While Rockstar doesn't release content quite as frequently as other games, it does end up adding a tonne of quality content over time. One of the more recent updates was the Diamond Casino Heist, which is a delightful series of heists.

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GTA Online: How to hack the fingerprint scanner?


GTA Online's Diamond Casino Heist is one that requires good communication as well as planning to complete successfully. To that end, players who have completed the Heist multiple times have sought to help others who might hit a roadblock when faced with the dreaded keypad.

However, as many gamers have already made their way through this section, there are several "cheat sheets" for those stuck at the keypad.

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As the fingerprint scanner requires memorization and only has a set number of patterns, it isn't that difficult to bypass by merely using cheat sheets.

Reddit users have come up with cheat sheets to beat the fingerprint scanner with ease.

Image credit: reddit user u/rubensei
Image credit: reddit user u/rubensei

The Diamond Casino Heist is one of the better-paying Heists in the game and should be on top of everyone's priority list as it is also quite fun. For all Danny Ocean wannabes out there in GTA Online, this is the mission for them in the game.

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