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GTA Online: Treasure Hunt in Tongva Hills; unlocking the double-action revolver

Image credits: usgamer
Image credits: usgamer
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 06 Oct 2020, 15:45 IST

One of the most innovative ways by which Rockstar Games hinted at a Red Dead Redemption title was through GTA Online, and players were surprised to be led to a treasure from beyond the grave.

Gamers, in GTA Online, receive an e-mail from "", which is enough for them to get flashbacks from Red Dead Redemption. Dutch Van Der Linde seems to be communicating from the afterlife and leading the GTA Online protagonist on a treasure hunt.

Players must remember that they can only complete the Treasure Hunt in one go, and quitting the game mid-hunt will have them restarting the game. Thankfully, the e-mail does contain a rough map, which narrows down the search area by a lot, as the world of GTA Online is quite massive.

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GTA Online Treasure Hunt; Tonva Hills corpse location

In the e-mail, the picture received by each player might be different, and while the player will have to gather three clues, the treasure could be in 20 different locations. However, the clues remain the same, and players must get hold of all three to find the treasure.

Players embarking on the quest will see the clues lead them to Tongva Hills in search of the third clue, which is a corpse. The carcass can be a bit tricky to find but shouldn't prove too difficult.

Once in Tongva Hills, on the western side of the map, players must look for a cliff partially covered by trees and other shrubs. It will have a cave, inside of which lies the corpse they are looking for.


The clue will then point to the final location of the treasure, which contains the Double-Action Revolver. Users do not have to fear resistance, as the family that is also after the prize has supposedly killed each other right before the player's arrival.

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Published 06 Oct 2020, 15:45 IST
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