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GTA San Andreas: 5 of the best Halloween/Horror mods

GTA's modding community is one of the most creative and most active ones in the industry (Image Credits: ClarionXK, YouTube)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 29 Oct 2020, 12:06 IST

GTA San Andreas is one of the most beloved entries in the franchise. Players have refused to let go of the game and have kept it alive using mods. Mods are a great way to make players come back and try the game with new elements.

GTA's modding community is especially creative and is perhaps one of the most active ones, right alongside the Skyrim modding community.

As Halloween is almost upon us, players must be looking to get into the festive mood and try out a bunch of horror mods in GTA San Andreas. Here are some of our picks.

5 best Horror/Halloween mods for GTA San Andreas

1) You Are Here

This mod is an especially great one as it adds a whole storyline to GTA San Andreas, complete with cinematic cutscenes. Players wake up in an unfamiliar location and must now struggle to survive in the midst of all sorts of horror craziness.

The mod is truly one of the best ones created for GTA San Andreas, almost to the point that it becomes a standalone game of its own. If players are looking for in-depth mods that do more than just change character models, then the "You Are Here" mod is perfect for them.

2) Zombie Apocalypse Mod


Halloween just wouldn't be complete without at least a dozen people in zombie-themed costumes roaming about in your neighborhood.

The Zombie Apocalypse Mod in GTA San Andreas forces CJ to become the Rick Grimes of Los Santos who mows down zombies. The mod not only lets you play as CJ but also as a zombie.

This makes for a great reversal of roles and one especially fun game experience.

3) Monster Hunter

In this GTA San Andreas mod, players must deploy a variety of attacks and use their full arsenal of weapons to take out some truly terrifying beats in the state of San Andreas.


The player, as CJ, must track down the location of these monsters throughout the map and then proceed to take them out using a variety of tactics. The mod is an extremely well-made one in a sea of half-broken mods and works quite well.

Monster Hunter is one of the better mods for GTA San Andreas and should be perfect for Halloween.

4) Silent Hill 2

One of the most beloved and popular horror game franchises of all time, Silent Hill has been nothing short of terrifying in each game. This mod lets a thick layer of fog descend over Los Santos, turning the once-vibrant city into a town wrought with horrors at every turn.

The mod is extremely atmospheric and makes full use of the game's assets to create a truly tense atmosphere that weighs heavy on the player. Silent Hill 2 mod for GTA San Andreas should be on the list for players who enjoyed Silent Hill on their PS2.

5) Day of Death 2

The Day of Death 2 mod isn
The Day of Death 2 mod isn't particularly scary but it can give you a good fright here and there. (Image Credits: Gamemodding)

This mod brings a singular mission to GTA San Andreas and players take control of a character called Joe. After an experiment gone wrong, Joe must battle a horde of terrifying creatures and hold his ground. Players must, as Joe, use GTA San Andreas' combat mechanics to ward off wave after wave of these terrifying creations. 

The Day of Death 2 mod might not be quite as scary as some of the other mods on the list, but it is certainly one of the most fun.

Published 29 Oct 2020, 12:06 IST
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