GTA Vice City: How to earn money quickly

GTA Vice City
GTA Vice City
Rahul Bhushan

GTA: Vice City is one of the best games of the 2000s and is still one of gaming's most beloved open-world games. While it didn't have the larger scope of GTA: San Andreas that came out two years later, it still has a lot of personality.

The game was mostly a success due to the pop culture amalgamation that was Vice City, the titular city of GTA: Vice City.

The soundtrack, together with the excellent voice acting work of famous actors like Ray Liotta, Luiz Guzman and Danny Trejo, also lent a lot of credibility to the game.

How to earn money quickly in GTA: Vice City

Vigilante Missions in GTA Vice City
Vigilante Missions in GTA Vice City

While the story missions often pay out a decent amount of cash to the player, there is always scope to earn more. While the game did not have any cheat codes to earn cash instantly, there are other ways in which you can get more cash in the game.

Steps to earn more cash in GTA: Vice City quickly

1) Steal a cop car

2) Lose the cops

3) Begin the Vigilante Missions

4) Stash the vehicle in any garage you own

5) Use the cheat code "BIGBANG"

6) This will instantly earn you money for completing the mission.

7) Get back in the car and begin the next mission

8) Repeat the process until you have enough money.

Alternative Way

1) Use the cheat code "PANZER" to spawn a military tank

2) Begin the Vigilante Missions

3) Step out of the tank and move away from any vehicle

4) Use "BIGBANG" to eliminate your target

5) Spawn another tank to begin the next mission

6) Repeat the process until you have enough money

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh
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