How to complete EOD in Gray Zone Warfare?

EOD Gray Zone Warfare Mission Guide (Image via MADFINGER Games)
EOD Gray Zone Warfare Mission Guide (Image via MADFINGER Games)

The EOD mission in Gray Zone Warfare is a straightforward task given by Banshee. It requires you to find and bring back a set of detonators from the Sawmill region. This is a simple retrieval quest that you can complete without a squad as the number of AI soldiers in the area is low. However, you will need a specific key to enter the room where the detonators are located.

This article will highlight the best way to complete the EOD mission in Gray Zone Warfare.

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Mission Guide: EOD in Gray Zone Warfare

EOD quest window (Image via MADFINGER Games)
EOD quest window (Image via MADFINGER Games)

Here is a step-by-step guide that you can utilize to complete the EOD quest in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • Accept the task in your faction’s home base and deploy to the landing zone nearest to the Sawmill region.
  • You can choose any landing spot for this mission as you are required to walk to the Sawmill. Once you are in the area, go to the office building.
  • You can identify this office with the help of the red and blue scooters parked outside the house alongside a stack of crates.
  • The first door can be opened without any issue but the next door present on the side requires a specific key called the Sawmill Office Key.
EOD task location (Image via MADFINGER Games)
EOD task location (Image via MADFINGER Games)
  • This is a highly visited Point of Interest (POI) on the map as players need to complete several missions in Sawmill. So you might get lucky if the office door has been opened already.
  • If not, you will need to carry this key while deploying for the mission. In case you do not have it, search the area and loot AI guards to acquire it.
  • Once the office door is unlocked, simply go inside and take the detonators present in the DCase on top of the table.
  • This will mark your objective as completed. Report back to Banshee and submit the detonators to finish the quest and claim rewards.

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It is important to note that you can complete this mission solo but if you wish to increase your chances of survival, you can take a squad. There are typically a few AI guards around the perimeter of the Sawmill region, often roaming alone, making it easy to eliminate them. Ensure you have a few free slots in your bag to fit the DCase and complete the mission.

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This concludes the mission guide for the EOD quest in Gray Zone Warfare. Follow Sportskeeda for more updates and news.

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