How to defeat Odin in God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok
God of War Ragnarok's ultimate encounter is All-Father Odin, but how do you overcome him? (Image via Santa Monica Studio)

God of War Ragnarok’s final boss in the main storyline is Odin, the All-Father. A powerful, fearsome god, he has several tricks and attacks that players should know while preparing to deal with the threat to all of the Nine Realms. He’s proven he cannot be trusted, having betrayed and lied to everyone he can, all in the name of getting answers.

It’s a fairly lengthy battle, and while it can feel pretty overwhelming, here’s everything you need to know about the final God of War Ragnarok boss battle. This will gird you with everything you need to battle the All-Father and put an end to his schemes.

Note: The following article contains video footage of the Odin boss battle in God of War Ragnarok, which can be considered a spoiler. It also contains spoilers for the overarching story of the game.

How to best All-Father Odin in God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok’s primary antagonist already knows all of your plans. He knows you’re coming and what you intend to do. This is because he was posing as Tyr the whole time, spying on Kratos and his allies for the entire game. He’s manipulated everyone, killed Thor, and is responsible for the death of Brok.

“Looks like I gotta do everything around here…”

Phase 1

Unlike in Final Fantasy IV, you can’t simply hit him with Lightning 3 to easily defeat the wielder of Gungnir. You don’t have to fight him alone, though. Kratos and Atreus begin the fight against Odin. He’s quick to use several wide-arc strikes with his spear, which will often follow with a lunge and a blockable strike.

The final boss of God of War Ragnarok is also keen to follow this up with a Bifrost blast, which you will certainly want to avoid. He may use another Bifrost blast back-to-back here as well. Another important aspect of this fight is his unblockable ice blast. He’ll move backward and fire a wave of ice in front of him, chilling the ground and doing significant damage.


Watch: Beware of the Ice Blasts

He may go to the other side of the screen and fire this again. After the Bifrost blasts, he can also do a full-screen knockback, which deals Bifrost damage. If he yells, "Leiptra!" be ready for a magic missile barrage, which deals Bifrost damage.

He’ll often do this several times back to back. It's hard to avoid, so be ready to move. Brjota is the name of another attack, which knocks Kratos through the air. Around 75%, he’ll channel a massive Bifrost AOE on the ground, but it did not seem to leave many places on the ground to stand. Though it did not feature a Shield Strike command, it may be a good idea to try.


Watch: Incoming desperation ice blasts

With about 3 pips left on his health bar in Phase 1, the God of War Ragnarok antagonist will teleport away from you and fire back-to-back ice beams, which need to be avoided. On the final pip, you sink your weapon into Odin’s shoulder, thinking it’s the end.

Phase 2

“So … was this everything you hoped for? Was your plan really all that much better than mine?”

However, God of War Ragnarok’s All-Father binds both Kratos and Atreus, setting up Phase 2 of the battle. This fight is far from over. However, as Odin turned his back, he began choking. Freya brought her noose that binds them together and began to magically choke out the God of War Ragnarok's final boss.

Unfortunately, Odin was prepared and smashed through the ground, where the next part of the battle will take place. Odin entreats Loki one more time to use the mask and get the answers, but instead, Atreus shatters it.

“You choose to be nothing?!”

This time, Freya joins in. Odin almost immediately starts with an unblockable Bifrost attack, so be quick on the dodge. In this phase, he also teleports and can throw a blockable wave of ravens at you.

He conjures an attack you can shield slam into, interrupting it. It’s a tremendous blast of fire, but if you rush and strike, you can stop it while he’s still spinning his spear around. He will also likely follow up with a blockable and then an unblockable attack. You can stop the unblockable attack if you rush him with strikes quickly.


Watch: The Bifrost blasts are dangerous

The final boss of God of War Ragnarok also throws blasts of Bifrost at Kratos, then teleports and goes for a blockable strike right after. You really have to stay on your toes in this fight.

Around 75%, he’ll still use his spear as an unblockable whip strike. Purple magic energy leaps out of the top of his spear, and he’ll likely do it back-to-back. He can also channel a tremendous wave of fireballs while making unblockable attacks. If you get hit, the world goes dark for a few moments, making it harder to see incoming attacks.


Watch: This is Advanced Darkness

Closer to 50%, he’ll do repeated whip strikes into the ground, dealing waves of Bifrost damage. He’ll also do a quick AOE Bifrost knockback in this phase, but you can shield strike it down before it’s too late. Moving him past 50% will trigger another cutscene.

This is where things get frustrating in God of War Ragnarok. He channels a shield of frost, giving him a full HP bar of damage soaking. He also begins shooting fire blasts. Swap to the Blades of Chaos and wear down that HP shield.

He teleports during this part of the fight and summons fiery meteors that can be avoided. Thankfully, he retains his current HP after you wear down his HP shield. He can summon fireballs once again, but he also uses a beam of fire that he slides across the screen. Dodge under it to avoid being ignited.


Watch: One of Odin's last desperate strikes

Around the last pip or two of his health, he brings back the HP shield one more time. He combines meteors with fire bolts, making for an intense volley of attacks to avoid. Rush him down and break the shield. All weapons work for this shield since he’s surrounded by Bifrost. I personally used the Leviathan Axe.

That’s it. Enjoy the end of the game. Watch the amazing cutscenes, the death of Odin, and what lies in store for the protagonists of God of War Ragnarok.