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How to do heists in GTA Online

Heists were added to GTA Online as part of an update in 2015 (Image Credits: Rockstar Games, YouTube)
Heists were added to GTA Online as part of an update in 2015 (Image Credits: Rockstar Games, YouTube)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 15 Oct 2020, 13:04 IST

GTA 5 wears its inspirations on its sleeves, just as the entire GTA franchise has been known to do in the past. Whether it was the Tony Montana-like climb to the top of the drug trade in Vice City or the GTA IV's Russian crime drama roots, the franchise has been known to take inspiration from cinema as well as other art forms.

One of the key elements of the Story Mode in GTA 5 was a series of heists that the crew of Michael, Franklin and Trevor must execute in order to survive in the city. Heists became the core aspect of the game and were, thus, carried over to GTA Online, where they were magnified to a scale that was wholly unprecedented.

Heists were added to GTA Online as part of an update in 2015; the update was one that the fanbase had been clamouring for since the release of the game.

GTA Online: How to do Heists

The best way to do a heist in GTA Online is by simply joining matchmaking with other players who have started Heists. By selecting "Heists" from the jobs menu, players will be able to enter into matchmaking and join a player's heists.

However, this would essentially mean that the player must piggyback off of other players and get a smaller cut than the leader. While players can also begin a heist as the leader, they must first purchase a high-end apartment.

Heists in GTA Online require a number of things in order to be unlocked. For example, the first few heists added to the game require a high-end apartment, where one room acts as the planning room for the heist. Similarly, the Diamond Casino Heist requires players to buy an arcade business in order to unlock the heist.

Heists also have a level requirement, which means the player will need to be at a certain level to play certain heists in the game. Once players have bought a high-end apartment, they only need to enter the planning room and begin a heist as a leader.

The leader needs to provide the set-up cost as well as the complete set-up missions for their crew.

Published 15 Oct 2020, 13:04 IST
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