How to install mods in Roblox

A promotional image for Roblox. (Image via Roblox Corporation)
A promotional image for Roblox. (Image via Roblox Corporation)
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Roblox is a popular gaming platform and with that popularity comes a bunch of games and mods.

Modding is typically frowned upon and should only be done at your own risk. Of course, if you are modding to just have a little fun on your own in Roblox and not ruining the experience for others, go for it.


It isn't hard to download some mods and install them for Roblox. You just have to know where to look and know what kind of mods you would like to run in your copy of Roblox.

Roblox: How to install mods


Take a look at the video above. This is a video showcasing Mod Menuz, a popular modding tool for Roblox. It is compatible with over 300 games, but has become a staple in the Roblox modding community.

They have an undetected mod menu for Roblox's many platforms. That means you can run these modes on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X consoles.

The Mod Menuz trainer has over 16,000 downloads at the time of writing this. That's quite a few people using their mod trainer. A lot of them have taken it over to Roblox.

The Mod Menuz mod menu in Roblox. (Image via Mod Menuz/Roblox Corporation)
The Mod Menuz mod menu in Roblox. (Image via Mod Menuz/Roblox Corporation)

So, to install mods, you simply need to click "Download Now" on the Mod Menuz website. Once the trainer is installed, you can run Roblox and it will automatically detect that you are playing the game.

This is just one of many ways to install mods on Roblox. Again, you need to do this at your own risk, because not every modding website you come across will be a trustworthy one.

For the Mod Menuz trainer for Roblox, you can gift yourself Robux, modify game data, have aim bot, get wall hacks, speed hacks, flying hacks, and open up a load of avatar customization options.

There really aren't any other mod types for Roblox. You won't be able to mod games in the sense that you add different types of characters or objectives. The mods only come in the form of self-satisfaction, which once again, should be done at your own risk and is frowned upon by the majority of the Roblox community.

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