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Minecraft: How to find and craft netherite

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
Modified 06 Nov 2020, 09:17 IST

Minecraft's newest tier of equipment netherite takes over as best gear in game.

Diamonds have finally been dethroned as the best of the best in Minecraft, with netherite taking the lead.

It is extremely rare to find, exists between Y levels 8-122, and can be found in veins of one to three pieces. Ancient debris, which is the first step to netherite, has a craggy exterior texture with rings on top. Minecraft's 1.16 update made the nether much more dangerous, so make sure to bring along enough materials to stay safe.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Minecraft's newest equipment tier comes in hot

Netherite via blast mining

Once inside Minecraft's treacherous nether, head carefully down to anywhere below Y:119, the closer to eight the better.

  1. Use beds or TNT to blast away all of the netherrack. Ancient debris has the same blast resistance as obsidian so don't worry about losing a piece to the explosion.
  2. Once 36 ancient debris have been gathered, smelt them in a blast furnace with eight pieces of coal, or the equivalent of other materials, to create netherite scraps.
  3. Gather 36 gold ingots from either the nether, overworld, or both.
  4. Combine four gold ingots with four netherite scraps to create a netherite ingot

Netherite via bastion remnants


Bastion remnants are new to Minecraft's 1.16 nether update, generating in all nether biomes except basalt delta. These dilapidated castle-like structures are filled to the brim with loot, piglins, and hoglins. It's suggested to have fully enchanted diamond gear for this method. Ancient debris, netherite scraps, and netherite ingots can all be found within bastion remnants. It's just a matter of staying safe.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Crafting netherite gear and how it stacks up to diamond

In an anvil, combine freshly made diamond gear with one netherite ingot, and it's ready to go.

First things first, never worry about dropping a pickaxe into lava again, as netherite tools and armor are fire resistant. This armor set also includes built in knockback resistance, to the point where players barely flinch when hit by an arrow. Netherite beats diamond by every category; swords hit for one more point of damage, pickaxes mine nearly 15% faster, and across the board, they offer nearly 30% more durability over diamonds.

To find the best enchantments for your new netherite armor, check out: How to read the enchantment table language

Published 06 Nov 2020, 04:36 IST
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