New Apex Legends exploit allows players to shoot through walls

Apex Legends exploit
New Apex Legends exploit allows players to shoot through walls

The community has stumbled upon a new Apex Legends exploit that allows players to shoot through walls. User @xxfartlordxx posted a video on X showcasing this weird phenomenon in FPS. It allows the shooter to have an unfair advantage in a fight by having a line of sight on the enemy without exposing his own body. The opponent perceives this as bullets being shot through the walls.

This article will explore this new Apex Legends exploit that is allowing players to seemingly shoot through walls.

Can players shoot through walls using a new Apex Legends exploit?

While this Apex Legends exploit does not technically involve shooting through walls using a hack, the opponent perceives it so. It involves crouch spamming quickly from a head-peeking position where most of your body is hidden. This type of cover gives you a significant advantage as only the head is exposed making yourself a difficult target to hit.

However, if you crouch spam even this tiny hitbox becomes invisible to the enemy making it impossible to shoot back. Furthermore, the bullets coming from the gun appear to be coming through the wall while doing this exploit.

The community, having learned of this exploit, is urging the developers for an immediate fix. The video showcasing this exploit is being shared across X in hopes of bringing the attention of the developers to this problem, as there has been no official word from Respawn Entertainment about it.

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Apex Legends has an ongoing cheating problem with many players incorporating game-breaking hacks ruining everyone's experience. This problem came to the limelight when a hacker, Destroyer2009, hacked two famous players in the ALGS 2024 NA Finals. The developers have since upgraded their anti-cheat system as one of the primary changes in Season 21.

However, this kind of Apex Legends exploit is different from the blatant hacks. This is because it uses some sort of in-game mechanic that is built into the game to get an unfair advantage on the battlefield.

Several mechanics like punch boosting and using scripts have been earlier removed from the game because it was unintentional by the developers and considered unfair. The developers are constantly in the process of hunting for such exploits and balancing the game.

Owing to the nature of this particular exploit in Apex Legends that allows players to shoot through walls, it's likely that it will be patched out of the game. This might mean that crouch spamming won't be a mechanic in the game anymore. Or even if a player does it, the character's hitbox remains visible to make the fight fair.

Either way, Respawn Entertainment, and EA needs to take notice of this Apex Legends exploit and fix it as it's affecting the fair competitive gameplay.

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