ALGS POI Draft system: Format, seeding, and more

ALGS POI Draft system
ALGS POI Draft system: format, seeding, and more (Image via Electronic Arts)

Electronic Arts has announced a new ALGS POI Draft system that directly affects the drop spot of every team on World’s Edge and Storm Point. The change to the competition format was announced before the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Split 2 Pro League. Teams no longer have the choice to choose a drop location from the drop ship after the game commences. Instead, the drop location will be decided ahead of the match day and teams will drop in from their drop ships above their respective POIs.

This article will break down the format of this new ALGS POI Draft system and explain how seeding works differently in different events.

What is the ALGS POI Draft system?

POIs in World's Edge and Storm Point (Image via Electronic Arts)
POIs in World's Edge and Storm Point (Image via Electronic Arts)

This POI Draft system will have a representative from each team choose their drop location from a list of pre-determined spots on the maps before the game. While choosing, the player must decide one drop spot for the World's Edge and Storm Point maps. This POI selection process takes place one team at a time and moves sequentially across all the participating teams. Once a team chooses a drop spot, that POI will be taken off the map and other teams can't choose it.

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ALGS POI Draft system: Seeding explained

Seeding is the process of determining the order in which teams get to decide their POIs. The process works differently in different events so let's take a look at how the seeding will work across all the events moving forward in ALGS.

ALGS Split 2 Pro League Regular Season


In the regular Pro League season, teams will be seeded randomly to choose their POIs before the matchdays. However, this random selection will be done through a snake draft system, which ensures fair play among all participating teams.

In the snake draft system, the team that gets to pick first will also end up picking last on that same match day. Additionally, the order of draft picks also changes on every match day. This ensures that every team gets their preferred POI on certain match days while being forced to play on a more uncomfortable POI on other days. Teams will have 90 seconds to choose their POI in the ALGS Split 2 Pro League.

ALGS Regional Finals

In the ALGS Regional Finals, teams will be seeded in order of their ranks after the nine matchdays of the ALGS Split 2 Pro League Regular Season. This gives the teams an incentive to place higher in the ranks during the regular seasons and not just aim to qualify. Teams will have 90 seconds to choose their POI during the Regional Finals.

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ALGS Split 2 Playoffs

Group stage

The seeding in the Group Stage will be based on the performance of the entire region and also the team’s final ranks from Split 1 Playoffs.

Winners Round, Elimination Round 1 and 2, Finals

Going forward, the seeding will work based on their total match points from the previous rounds. This gives the teams an incentive to rank higher in games and get kill points, as it will give them the chance to choose their desired POI. However, teams will only have 30 seconds to decide their drop spot during the Split 1 Playoffs Bracket Stage and Finals and the ALGS Championship Bracket Stage and Finals.

This new ALGS POI Draft system aims to provide a fair and even battleground for every team. Dying off drop on a million-dollar tournament can hurt massively. Hence, EA has taken a stance for fair and competitive gameplay through this change in the tournament's format.

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