GTA Online to get major update, including new car and location

New GTA Online update (Image: GTA Gentleman, YouTube)
New GTA Online update (Image: GTA Gentleman, YouTube)
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After months of waiting for big news, Rockstar Games has taken the GTA world by storm. No, it’s not about GTA 6, but it’s the next best thing that you or any fan can hope for. Yes, you guessed it; it is about the new GTA Online update.

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More information about the upcoming GTA Online update

Since ‘The Diamond Casino Heist’ update that was released a year ago, in December 2019, there has been no reliable news regarding any new updates that GTA Online might get. But now, Rockstar has revealed that there will be two upcoming updates: a summer one and another one later this year that is going to be the biggest update ever for GTA Online!

The summer update release dates are still kept under wraps, but Rockstar has said that the update is going to be released in the coming weeks, which means you will probably get it by August end!!


The theme of the new update was also revealed, and will be ‘Heists’. Rockstar also mentioned that the Heists update would be based on an entirely new location. Now, it would be crazy to assume that the makers are going to introduce a new map for this update, but as per the suggestions of a YouTuber named Digital Car Addict, it might be based on the North Yankton map, which is a part of the main map in GTA Online.

Car Reveal

P72 (Image: Robb Report)
P72 (Image: Robb Report)

A phenomenal supercar was also revealed by Rockstar, which will raise your eyebrows all the way up to your forehead. Digital Car Addict, the YouTuber mentioned above, did further research about the car and found out from the emblem that Lampadati manufactures it.

Lampadati is a famous Italian car manufacturer in the GTA universe, and this will be the first supercar by this company in the game. The YouTuber also found out that the car is inspired by the real-life car, De Tomaso’s P72.

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