"This entire situation is extremely unfortunate" - Twitch streamer Mew responds to sexual abuse allegations

Mew responds to s*xual abuse allegations (Images via FaZeMew/Twitter)
Mew responds to sexual abuse allegations (Images via FaZeMew/Twitter)

On November 24, Twitch streamer Kerry "Mew" responded to the sexual abuse allegations leveled against him by content creator Ashtro (@ashtronova).

In a TwitLonger statement earlier today, the Twitch streamer claimed that the situation was "extremely unfortunate" and that he was losing the respect of his friends and money from sponsorships and partners:

"This entire situation is extremely unfortunate. I am now losing members of my community, losing respect among my friends, and losing money from my sponsorships and partners. I wish Ashtronova and I could have worked things out between us. It also saddens me that Ashtronova has such a negative memory of our brief time together."

Mew responds to Ashtronova's sexual abuse allegations via a TwitLonger update

Addressing AllegationsRead:

The 1,926-word-long address started with Mew mentioning FaZe Clan's ongoing investigation into the allegations made by Ashtronova. He stated that he was "still evaluating" legal action but felt the need to respond on social media:

"We have taken a few days to submit my statement and associated evidence to FaZe to comply with my obligations there. At this point, it has become necessary to address these allegations in detail. I am still evaluating legal action with my legal team, but these allegations are so severe - and so unfounded - that I need to respond here."

According to Mew, the incident mentioned by Ashtronova took place in September 2021. He claimed that both of them had consented to the act and that she "never voiced any concern" about their interaction until the previous week:

"First, I want to say to Ashtronova, I am sorry that it has come to this. We both know what occurred back in September 2021, and we both know that we consented and that you never voiced any concern about our interaction until last week. To the extent you look back and regret anything you did with me, I am sorry and I wish that wasn’t the case."

The address continued with Mew responding to the allegations in the listed format. He refuted Ashtronova's claims of having had "completely professional" discussions with him prior to her visit, claiming that they had even "traded compliments and flirty messages" at that time:

"She claims that before flying to my house in September 2021 that she and I had only had “completely professional” discussions. This is not true. Ashtronova and I had traded compliments and flirty messages prior to her visit, including in August 2021 just before she asked to be in my subathon stream. I knew I was being flirty and asked her if it was too much. She said, 'never ever.'"

Mew mentioned going to a bar with his friends Bailey, Leo, Faria, Youki, Jessie, and Chua after the subathon. The Twitch content creator then claimed that he had offered Ashtronova two or three drinks at the gathering and drank the same amount himself.

The streamer addressed the sexual abuse allegations in the next section of the post, stating:

"As we were sitting outside discussing life, she started holding my hand and being generally flirtatious. She wasn’t slurring her speech or anything and otherwise seemed fine. Eventually, we started kissing."

He mentioned Ashtronova saying in her TwitLonger that she was "pretty sure [she] consented" and added that context was important there. He stated:

"As she said in her TwitLonger, she kissed me back too. I thought this was great and thought that she liked me. She states, “I’m pretty sure I consented.” Context here is important: this was verbal consent. I literally asked her if it was ok if I touched her, and she said yes."

He further claimed that she had asked him for his consent as well:

"She also asked if I was ok with it, and I also said yes. We continued to kiss outside and things progressed. At this point it was around 4:30 a.m."

He claimed that Ashtronova had never indicated that she was "uncomfortable or intoxicated":

"We then went to my room and had s*x. I wish I could spare details here, but she has brought this event into question. She seemed happy to go into my room. She was actively engaged during the event. She never indicated that she didn’t want that to happen or otherwise seemed uncomfortable or intoxicated."

He further claimed that he had "never filmed" them:

"I liked her and I thought she liked me too. That was it. Ashtronova claims that I filmed her without her consent. This is not true. I never filmed her or us in the bedroom. I have no idea where that came from. We then went to sleep and woke up next to each other."

The TwitLonger update concluded with Mew suggesting that he "never threatened" to take legal action against Ashtronova:

"I never threatened legal action against Ashtronova. I never tried to silence her. I never tried to blackmail her or anything resembling blackmail. I just wanted to understand the source of Ashtronova’s feelings and ill will against me. According to Ashtronova, her allegations stem from rereading her journal and reliving that night over a year later."

Twitter community reacts to Mew's response

Mew's Twitter update gained traction as more than 422 community members provided their take on the matter. Here's what they had to say:

@FaZeMew kerry i really wanted you to just own up to things but this is really so much. everyone can say i lied before and therefore i can lie now. but if youve lied to us before then you can also lie now. sorry. all im stating is what ive seen over time of you lying. to all of us.…
@lyssflowerz @FaZeMew damnnn even bros ex getting on him
@FaZeMew anyone thats had any sort of social life understands exactly how these situations come about. Sounds like you both made a mistake and should sort it out between each other and move on.
@FaZeMew Definitely a he said - she said situation. Everything dude said in his twitlonger checked out. Will be interesting to see what the people who were at the house will say. If you were r*ped, I just don’t think you’d be cuddling while laughing at TikToks the next morning
@FaZeMew you did a good job posting proof of what you’re saying and naming who was there!! whenever i was reading what she said i was confused because one moment she was like ‘i was too drunk to remember’ and next moment she mentioned many events/convos in detail
@FaZeMew I have read both stories, and from my experiences, from meeting you your story falls more in line with who you are. I am sorry that this is something that has to be dealt with through the internet and hope this all can be sorted out.
@FaZeMew This all makes you look even worse
@FaZeMew notice how everyone switching up 😭

Why was Mew indefinitely suspended from FaZe Clan?

On November 22, Ashtro (@ashtronova) released a 3,417-word-long address titled "my story":

She alleged that her teammate and long-time friend did "something terrible" to her. The streamer provided an in-depth account of an incident that occurred last year in September.

Ashtro stated that she had been invited to Mew's house to take part in a subathon. She went on to say that the latter had flown her to Texas and that she had been working on vlog content for her own channel during the trip, which was never released.

After mentioning a gathering at a club with other content creators Leo, Bailey, and Niko, Ashtronova detailed the sexual abuse allegations and stated:

"The next thing I remember was him kissing me. I was confused about it, but I did kiss him back and thought whatever about it. He didn’t kiss me for too long. He went straight to groping my body and being rough about it. It was weird. It was very weird, like some power thing. Again, he was sober and I was not all there. I’m pretty sure I gave consent."

She clarified that she had been drunk and did not remember how they "got to his room":

"But I was drunk. But I don’t remember how we got to his room but I knew we had sex. The fact I don't remember much of it is the upsetting part."
We’re taking the accusations against Mew seriously and taking all measures to investigate the situation. We’ve mutually agreed on an indefinite suspension while we gather information to determine further action.

Following the revelation, FaZe Clan announced that they are taking the accusations against Mew seriously and that both parties "mutually agreed" on placing the latter on indefinite suspension.

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