Why is Keemstar feuding with Fousey? The entire drama explained

Exploring why Fousey and Keemstar are feuding (Images via Keemstar and Fousey/Twitter)
Exploring why Fousey and Keemstar are feuding (Images via Keemstar and Fousey/Twitter)

On August 11, 2023, prominent internet personalities Daniel "Keemstar" and Yousef "Fousey" became embroiled in a massive feud after the latter appeared as a guest on Bradley Martyn's podcast Raw Talk. Fousey seemingly made comments about Keemstar, as well as explaining why he parted ways with Happy Punch Promotions, which they co-founded in August 2021.

Daniel posted a four-minute Twitter video earlier today, claiming that "his truth" was the "reality." He brought up Yousef's most recent controversy, in which he was accused of taking advantage of a drunk woman at an airport.

Keemstar remarked:

"You said on Bradley Martyn that I gave you a text, saying that I was very upset about how you treated that girl in the airport. Or that, I wasn't upset - that my girlfriend was upset and you said that, 'Keemstar wasn't even upset. His girlfriend was and his girlfriend runs him and owns him,' and some s**t like that. No, false! All right? The guy that gets run by girls is you."

Keemstar explains why he was upset with Fousey after the airport incident

Keemstar then explained why he was upset with the Twitch streamer after the airport incident:

"The reason why I texted you and was upset was because when the thing happened, with you and the girl in the f**king airport, all right? I woke up early in that morning. It was 10:30 in the morning. I remember this. My messages are spammed with, 'Oh, my god, check on Fousey. Something's going on with Fousey.' Because you were crying on stream and some other stuff. So, I called you out of concern. Something that I do all the time."

Keemstar then provided details about a phone conversation he had with Fousey amidst the controversy, in which the latter claimed that he was playing the "July 15th character":

"So, I call you and I say, 'Fousey, what's going on? I got all these messages from YouTubers that, you know, something bad has happened. What's happening?' And you go, 'No, I'm fine. I'm the July 15th character.' He goes, 'Keem, I just f**ked this girl in the bathroom!' And I'm thinking, 'Right on! Good for you, man! Good for you.' Not thinking anything of it."

Keemstar claimed to have contacted the 33-year-old personality after learning that he was accused of taking advantage of a s*x trafficking victim:

"Later in the day, I get the context of what actually took place. This girl is a victim of s*x trafficking and all this other stuff. And, I see the manipulation that you pulled on her, and then I see you bragging that you got a b**wjob in a f**king bathroom. And, I see all this stuff, and I'm like, 'What the actual f**k!' So, I text you, 'Yo, what is this?! Even my girlfriend is mad. This is such a bad look!' And you text me back, 'I didn't f**k that girl.' What? You just lied to me then because I called you earlier that morning. Did you forget?"

In the second half of the video, Keemstar discussed Fousey's departure from Happy Punch Promotions. According to the former, the Twitch streamer left out a "key part" during his conversation with Bradley Martyn. He elaborated:

The part that you left out is when you did get better, you came back, we got on the phone, we started talking again daily, and we were working on, you know, I was calling you every day to get you back. All I wanted was to FouseyTube to get his career back. All right? And, I asked you, 'Are you upset about buying the shares in Happy Punch?' All right? And you said, 'Yeah, kind of bothers me.' And, I'm like, 'Okay, well then, just buy them back for the same amount.'"

The video concluded with Keemstar claiming that he was always willing to help Fousey when he was not doing well:

"You left that part of the story out! And, that didn't happen once. I offered you to buy back your shares at the same amount that f**king you sold them to me, at least 10 times in our conversations. I was trying to figure out anything to help my friend and help my business partner get back because you were so down!"

Fousey responds to Keemstar's video

Approximately half an hour later, Fousey took to Twitter to respond to Keemstar's sentiments. It began with him saying:

"Keemstar. Keemy dreamy. My brother, Daniel. You just said in your Twitter video that I called you and I said that I just f**ked this girl in the bathroom. I just posted the text proof that my first text with you right off the incident was, 'Keem, I didn't do anything with this girl.' That's f**king low, even from you, dog! Not even Def Noodles would do bulls**t like you."

Fousey claimed that Keemstar made him want to commit self-harm and that he was friends with the YouTuber because he was "terrified" of him:

"You made me want to kill myself, Keem! I was your friend for so many years because I was terrified of you. Everybody knows you're the biggest person who can get someone canceled. If you're on Keem's good side, your career is good. And, you took care of me for years, Keem. Even with everything I exposed, because I did it with love."

The vlogger concluded the response video by stating that he was now "setting a boundary" between himself and Keemstar:

"But do not try to say that I called you, and I said I f**ked this girl. That's low, Keem! Even coming from you. I love you. I love Happy Punch. Have a good life, brother. I'm setting a boundary between us now. I'll contact you when I'm done with this manic episode."

Twitch streamer's recent tweet in which he claimed to have banned Keemstar (Image via Twitter)
Twitch streamer's recent tweet in which he claimed to have banned Keemstar (Image via Twitter)

Later that day, Fousey shared another social media update, revealing that he had banned Keemstar. He went on to say that he was friends with the latter only to keep his "enemies closer."