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PUBG New Moon Map: Everything You Need To Know

Hrithik Raj
05 Apr 2019, 02:04 IST


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' latest patch note regarding the upcoming Update 27a was astounding. The new update brings a brand new Moon Map to PlayerUnknown's Battleground. Nonetheless, the new update is going to bring new features and updates which is going to change PUBG. The new Update 27a is going to add new dangerous wildlife to PUBG's pre-existing maps, pistols can have 15 X scopes, New welcome audio in the game lobby, Squirt Gun to Vikendi, side effects of drugs and energy drinks and much more. I have already discussed the full patch note in my previous articles. So, check them out-

Now moving back to the topic, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' latest patch notes were more than what the fans expected. Although the update had many new changes and updates along with some new editions. The main highlights of the Update 27a patch note of PlayerUnknown's Battleground were-

  • The new map called "The Moon".
  • Players playing PUBG will be given an in-game mobile phone which can be used to take selfies and play PUGB mobile in PUBG.

So, without any further ado lets have a look at the new moon map and the things it's going to offer the players of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds:

  • PUBG’s new Moon map is going to be one of the biggest maps to date at over 3,476 square kilometres!. After Miramar and snow map VIkendi PUGB's new moon map takes the top spot of being the largest map in the entire game.
  • PUBG new The Moon map features “Zero-G” which means zero gravity. Players can enjoy the experience of a zero gravity environment battle royale for the first time. The Zero-G is going to be the key for getting creative in the new map of PUBG.
  • In PlayerUnknown's Battleground new map "The Moon" payers will not receive fall damage on the Moon. This means no more accidental deaths in the game, this also implies that players can drop from any high zone in PUBG moon map without dying.

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