Ranking the GTA games based on map size

Ranking the GTA games in order of map size.
Ranking the GTA games in order of map size.

Being a series of open-world games, the GTA franchise has always paid great attention to the design of their maps. It is precisely because of the huge maps that are made for each title that the games end up feeling like an immersive experience for each player.

A member of the GTA Forums, KeWiS, did an amazing comparison of the map sizes of some of the prominent GTA games. He took an entire month to compare the maps and calculate the probable size of the map of each game. Look at his post in GTAForums explaining how he was able to calculate the size of each GTA game’s map.

Let's take a look at GTA games and rank them as per the size of their maps.

5) GTA 3

GTA 3 (Image credits: GTAForums)
GTA 3 (Image credits: GTAForums)

GTA 3 was the first prominent game in the franchise in the capacity that it kickstarted the 3D universe and brought to life the fun open-world of the games. With a total map size of 3.14 square miles or 8.12 square kilometers, the game’s Liberty City was astonishingly big for a time when open-world games were not that common.

4) GTA Vice City

Vice City (Image credits: GTAForums)
Vice City (Image credits: GTAForums)

GTA 3 might have begun the 3D universe but it was Vice City that made the franchise a household name and helped shoot the franchise to fame.

The streets of Vice City are nostalgic for every gamer and the game had a moderately sized map that we had all memorized by the time we were done playing it. With a total area of 3.52 square miles or 9.11 square kilometers, Vice City felt pretty big to our young eyes.

3) GTA 4

GTA 4 (Image credits: GTAForums)
GTA 4 (Image credits: GTAForums)

Despite being a comparatively newer game, GTA 4’s Liberty City, while bigger than the one portrayed in GTA 3, was not one of the biggest maps in the series.

The game's map boasts of 6.23 square miles or 16.14 square kilometers, which is just big enough to make us experience the best of Liberty City without feeling repetitive or bored. All in all, GTA 4 had a decent big enough map to keep the immersive feel of the game alive.

2) GTA San Andreas

San Andreas (Image credits: GTAForums)
San Andreas (Image credits: GTAForums)

When it comes to the size of the map, no fan of the series will be surprised to know that San Andreas is one game that comes out on top, or at least close to it.

When San Andreas was released, it quickly rose to prominence as one of the best open-world games ever made and it deserved the recognition, all thanks to the sheer size of the massive immersive experience that the creators had made for players.

San Andreas sports a map of 14.75 square miles or 38.2 square kilometers.

1) GTA 5

GTA 5 (Image credits: GTAForums)
GTA 5 (Image credits: GTAForums)

GTA 5 is the spiritual successor to San Andreas, which took everything that the latter did and made it a lot better. And that applies to the map of San Andreas as well.

With a massive 29.28 square miles or 75.84 square kilometers, GTA 5 provided a truly open-world gaming experience that took the industry by storm. Seriously, driving around San Andreas can truly feel like the city never ends, and you’ll never feel like you’ve seen all of it.

Edited by Ritwik Kumar

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