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The best moveset for Rayquaza in Pokemon GO

Image Via Niantic
Image Via Niantic
Modified 28 Mar 2021

Rayquaza is back in Pokemon GO raids for a short while, and it won't be long before the Legendary dragon makes a return either.

It's an iconic Pokemon and that means most players will clamor to get one in Pokemon GO. But if players are going to use their own Rayquaza, the right moves should be used for an effective moveset.

When it comes to Pokemon GO league battles, Rayquaza doesn't necessarily stand out as a must-have option. But in leagues such as the Ultra League, Rayquaza can still leave an impression and serve as a solid Dragon-type on a battle team.

There is a bit more flexibility with Rayquaza in PvE content battles, such as raids or gyms because counters aren't that much of a problem. So with that in mind, let's understand what the best moveset for Rayquaza would be in Pokemon GO.

The best moveset for Rayquaza in Pokemon GO

Movesets in Pokemon GO are always split into defensive and offensive categories. Defensive movesets are meant for holding gyms when players face a PvE version of the given Pokemon. Offense always serves as the best default moveset and the most effective base for the Pokemon GO battle league.

Rayquaza is one of the options in Pokemon GO that has a moveset which is a one size fits all. Regardless of the activity, players should stick to the same moveset on Rayquaza.


Dragon Tail is the fast attack that players want to use, as it does the most damage and has nearly the same energy per second gained. The only other option is Air Slash, which is simply less versatile and does less damage overall when used in the moveset.

For the charge attack, the priority on the moveset for Rayquaza should be Outrage, which is a Dragon-type attack. It's the best middle ground for damage and energy per second that Rayquaza has for a moveset. However, players can use a second charge attack as always, and another option will be available.

In that case, Aerial Ace is the best option for a second charge attack. It's a faster option than Outrage, but it will do less damage in return. But if another Pokemon is weak to Flying-type instead of Dragon, it's a great option for damage or even as a shield burn. Players can also use Ancient Power if they feel that Rock will be a better use, but it's a less effective move overall.

Published 28 Mar 2021, 03:16 IST
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