Top 3 toughest GTA: Vice City missions

GTA: Vice City (Image Courtesy: LADbible)
GTA: Vice City (Image Courtesy: LADbible)
Modified 25 Jul 2020

The GTA franchise offers many missions that can satisfy your appetite for violence. GTA: Vice City is no different as its missions are enjoyable despite being difficult to get past at times.

Some of the missions in GTA: Vice City are so difficult that they will even make you consider leaving the game midway. In this article, we have narrowed down three of the toughest missions in GTA: Vice City which will surely test your patience levels.

3 of the toughest missions in GTA: Vice City

Here are the toughest missions in GTA: Vice City:

Demolition Man

Demolition Man is undoubtedly the hardest mission in GTA: Vice City. This mission requires you to strategically place four bombs in four separate locations inside a construction site.

While the mission itself sounds pretty easy, you will have to complete the mission in only seven minutes. Moreover, you have to get inside the construction site in a helicopter, which is incredibly difficult to control.

Be prepared to try your hand at this mission over and over again as you will have to continually defend yourself from the shower of bullets from the construction site workers.

Death Row

The Death Row mission requires you to save Lance before the specified time runs out. You will need to drive very fast to rescue the character, who is being held captive in a junkyard.

Try to take as many shortcuts as possible to reach the area quickly and keep an eye on Lance's health metre to ensure that he is not dying. There will be lots of enemies that you will have to kill before you can reach him in this ultimate race against time.

Keep Your Friends Close

In the Keep Your Friends Close mission, you will get to witness an epic shootout between Vercetti and the mafia. Your main objective is to protect a safe and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

The gunfight takes place in a huge mansion. You will need to ensure that you can aim perfectly so that you can easily take out the mafia members as they try their best to kill you.

Published 25 Jul 2020
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