Top 5 Minecraft YouTubers to watch in 2020

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There have been a ton of Minecraft content creators on YouTube over the years, but there are only a few that are really worth watching in 2020 and make you find new things about the game even after 11 years of existence.

Upon initial inspection, Minecraft really does not seem like that complex of a game. Players can explore the world, gather materials, build houses, and eventually work their way up to defeating the Ender Dragon and beat the game. However, Minecraft YouTubers have shown that the possibilities for fun are truly endless, for both watching and playing the game.

Minecraft YouTubers have provided millions of laughs, thousands of hours of high quality entertainment, showcased tutorials, explained game mechanics, broke world records, and so much more.

With patch 1.17 on the horizon, now would be a great time for returning players to refamiliarize themselves with the game by watching some YouTube videos. This article will be showcasing five of the top Minecraft YouTubers to watch in 2020.

Top 5 Minecraft YouTubers to watch in 2020

#1 DanTDM

When it comes to subscribers, DanTDM is the king of the Minecraft content space, boasting a whopping 24.1 million subscribers on YouTube. DanTDM has been producing Minecraft on YouTube for years, and simply has not yet slowed down.

He has created a massive variety of videos over the years, but has been best known for his playthrough series with mods. Currently, DanTDM been producing a hardcore mode series, that has been incredibly popular among fans. It can be very stress inducing for him, but very funny from the viewer perspective.

For his long-tenure in the Minecraft YouTube space, and his continued strive for excelling in video production, makes DanTDM worthy of being on practically any Minecraft YouTuber list.

#2 Mumbo Jumbo

When someone watches a Mumbo Jumbo YouTube video, they typically learn something new or innovative to do in Minecraft. He is one of the most talented builders in all of the Minecraft community, particularly with redstone.

Some of his incredible redstone engineering feats include creating a walking house, unique automatic farms, high-tech security systems, and so much more. He is also one of the regular members and part of the Hermitcraft crew, where is building skill and personality really shine. Make sure to check out his build from Hermitcraft Season 6.

All aspiring redstone engineers would be doing themselves a disservice by not checking out Mumbo Jumbo's content.

#3 Dream

Hate him or love him, Dream has taken the Minecraft world by storm, and does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Having blown up to 12.8 million subscribers in just under a year on YouTube, makes him the definition of a "Rookie of the Year".

Dream is one most popular and skilled Minecraft players in the world today, as he been a multi-time Minecraft speedrunning record holder and competed in many of high-stakes PvP competitions. His content is typically innovative and involves him completing in-game challenges with additional hurdlers and difficulties.

Most of his content includes his friends and fellow Minecraft YouTubers, who make up the "Dream Team", GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap. Their synergy works really well together, and this group can be a reliable source of entertianment.

#4 CaptainSparklez

CaptainSparklez is one of the true OGs of the Minecraft content space, having been on YouTube for almost over a decade at this point. He is most known for his viral Minecraft parody and music videos, that have received millions of views.

Despite his long tenure in the space, he continues to produce top notch Minecraft videos every month. He has even been improving himself as a Minecraft player, as seen at the most recent Minecraft World Championship.

His approachable personality, sense of humor, and high level of production really never gets old.

#5 Skeppy

It is hard to not like Skeppy, with his genuine and down to earth approach to making YouTube videos. His videos are high energy and typically involve other people from the Minecraft community. He is known for hosting in-game challenges for money, interacting with his community, and competing in a variety of challenges himself.

His sense of humor comes off as organic, and will likely put a smile on anyone's face. Many of his videos include his good friend BadBayHalo, in which they troll each other and share laughs, for all-in-all good fun.

Skeppy's YouTube videos are almost all focused on Minecraft, so this would be a perfect person to look to for those interested in only Minecraft specific content. He is also right on the precipice of hitting 4 million subscribers on YouTube!

Honorable Mention: Aphmau

Aphmau deserves some recognition, because she has been able to definitively fill a clearly desired niche. With 7.2 million subscribers and sky-high monthly view count numbers, it is clear that she is not only successful, but has a loyal fanbase.

Her content is much different from that of the other creators on this list, as it is more storytelling in nature and is targeted towards younger viewers. Aphmau's videos are vibrant, engaging, energetic, and extremely family friendly.

Her YouTube videos are not for everybody, but the people that watch them absolutely love them.

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