Top 5 streamers who did terrible things on live stream

Alinity has often been accused of "animal cruelty."
Alinity has often been accused of "animal cruelty."

Over the past 15 years, a number of Twitch streamers/YouTubers have been involved in terrible controversies that made people question their humanity.

Streamers have often been caught saying the vilest of things during live streams and/or streaming related events and conferences. Some streamers have even been accused of serious crimes, including the recent allegations of homicide levied against Russian YouTuber Stas Reeflay.

A number of these incidents tend to stick out sorely in streaming history. This article traces the most notable streamer-related incidents that made the world question humanity.


Top streamers who made people question their humanity

#1 Stas Reeflay

Russian YouTuber/Twitch streamer Stas Reeflay left his viewers stunned during a live stream back in December 2020. Stas Reeflay was offered around $1000 by a viewer to inflict a range of abuses on his 28-year old girlfriend Valentina Grigoryeva.


The YouTuber had earlier pepper-sprayed Valentina on a live stream. He was offered money to force her outside on the balcony in sub-zero temperatures. Valentina was pregnant at the time and wearing only her underwear. The personality has since been jailed. Once, he continued to film her even after she wasn't moving.

“Valya, are you alive? My bunny, what’s up with you? Valya! Valya! Damn, you look like you are dead. Bunny, come on tell me something. I’m worrying. Damn I don’t feel her heartbeat. Guys, no pulse, she’s pale. She is not breathing.”

The incident sheds light on an unfortunate trend of YouTube viewers paying content creators to perform acts of humiliation and physical abuse. Valentin Ganichev, a homeless Russian man, often took part in such streams in exchange for food and a roof over his head. Additionally, Andrey “Mellstroy” Burim has also been caught inflicting physical abuse on women during live streams.

While the world of streaming has seen some horrific trends go viral in recent years, Stas Reeflay’s horrific act easily tops the list.

#2 Alinity

Natallia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon initially grew to fame for her Apex Legends streams, although many of her streams fall under the “IRL” category. Alinity is often criticized for her overall brand of content and “simp” fans, and had famously issued a copy-strike against YouTuber Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg back in 2018.


However, the biggest source of criticism for Alinity has over how she treats her pet cats. Alinity has been caught on stream flinging them, and once almost crushed one of her cats under some furniture.

The internet personality was famously called out by PETA on Twitter back in July 2019, as can be seen in the post. What’s more, Alinity was once caught spitting vodka in one of her cats’ mouth. This has arguably curtailed her growth on Twitch, with her number of followers hovering around 1.2 million mark since the beginning of 2020.

#3 TrainwrecksTV

Tyler “TrainwrecksTV” Niknam has a long history of using sexist language and berating other female internet personalities during live streams. Back in 2017, he went on a highly misogynistic rant against female streamers.

“(Female streamers) are the same s**ts that rejected us, the same s**ts that chose the goddamn cool kids over us. The same s**ts that are coming into our community, taking the money, taking the subs, the same way they did back in the day."

TrainwrecksTV ended up receiving a 5-day ban. The streamer later claimed that his “rant” was satirical, and that he did not intend to criticize the entire female gaming community.

TrainwrecksTV is regularly called out for sexist and misogynistic comments, and currently has 1.3 million followers on Twitch.

Other streamers who have in the past been accused of being disrespectful towards women include the likes of Ali "Gross Gore" Larsen and Hampton Brandon.

The former was publicly caught being forceful towards a woman, and was ousted from a TwitchCon event. A similar situation occurred with Hampton Brandon being caught on camera making a bunch of misogynistic remarks. He was also ejected from a TwitchCon event and ended up shouting a range of obsenities as he was escorted outside the building, as can be seen in the video below.


#4 Simone Scott

Twitch streamer Simone "Aqualadora" Scott is by no definition a top streamer, and has 1.3k followers on Twitch. She is an IRL streamer who also plays a variety of video games, such as Dota 2 and Overwatch.


Scott has in the past worked as a veterinary technician, and effectively ended her streaming career when she admitted to having killed a dog. In her own words, the streamer had put down a “perfectly healthy” dog because she thought that the owner was a “bad person.”

Scott made the confession to fellow streamer RajjPatel/AustinShow. The streamer was allowed to make the full confession as RajjPatel was initially under the impression that she had killed the dog out of compulsion. However, Simone Scott killed the dog out of her own will, and showed absolutely no remorse when making the confession.

#5 Mitch Jones

Known primarily for World of Warcraft content, Mitch Jones became controversial for his obsessively dramatic behaviour. The streamer/YouTuber invoked the wrath of Reddit after he went on a rant against long-time friend Dimitri “GreelGodX” Antonatos.

Jones accused his fellow streamer of deliberately trying to damage his reputation, leading to multiple Reddit petitions trying to get him banned. He was famously called out by Felix “xQc” Lengyel who had advised the streamer to “focus on his content.”

Image via r/LiveStreamFail, Reddit
Image via r/LiveStreamFail, Reddit

Mitch Jones has also been called out for inconsistent behavior, and has a habit of berating viewers for more donations. He has been caught using racial slurs, and some Reddit viewers have criticized him for being rude to his girlfriend.

Image via Streamers Reloaded
Image via Streamers Reloaded

While the allegations levied against Jones were not as serious as in most of the above cases, Jones was described as a volatile, paranoid man. He still streams regularly on Twitch and has around 581k followers as of now.

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