Wuthering Waves Echo double drop event: Date, time, eligibility and more

Wuthering Waves Echo double drop Chord Cleansing event (Image via Kuro Games
Wuthering Waves Echo double drop Chord Cleansing event (Image via Kuro Games

The Wuthering Waves Echo double drop event named "Chord Cleansing" is set to arrive in the game's live servers on June 20, 2024, at 4 AM (UTC+8). This is a great event for any player regardless of their progress. Users who are still leveling up can greatly benefit from the double Union EXP rewards and increased chance to get more Echoes. Endgame players will appreciate the greater amount of Sealed Tubes and Tuners that can be obtained.

This article provides a complete breakdown of the Chord Cleansing event in Wuthering Waves.

Wuthering Waves: Echo double drop event explained

The Echo double drop event in Wuthering Waves starts on June 20, 2024, at 4 AM (UTC+8) and will conclude on June 27, 2024, at 3:59 AM (UTC+8). Players will have a week to make the best use of these doubled rewards, which can be obtained by spending 60 Waveplates after completing a Tacet Field. These include:

  • Union EXP
  • Sealed Tubes
  • Tuners
  • Echoes

This is a welcome addition for the closing days of the Wuthering Waves 1.0 update. Players have been quite vocal on the extreme grind required to get the best Echoes and level them up. This event will alleviate some of those issues before more optimizations for the Echo system are introduced in Version 1.1

An important thing to note is that players need to have a minimum Union Level of 19 to participate in this event. If you find yourself a bit short of the required target, you can try to complete quests, spend Waveplates daily, and achieve 100 Guidebook Activity Points daily to ensure you don't miss out on the Chord Cleansing event.

The double drop rewards are refreshed every day at 4 AM (UTC+8), similar to the double drop event that was held for the Simulation Challenges. Players can get up to three opportunities to get double drop rewards.

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