F1 Grand Chelem/Grand Slams Records

A Grand Chelem or Grand Slam in F1 is acheived when a driver scores pole position in qualifying, clocks the fastest lap in the race and winning the Grand Prix by leading every lap of the race.

Only, 24 drivers have scored a Grand Chelem in F1 and 61 Grand Chelems have been scored to date.

Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio took the first ever Grand Chelem in a F1 World Championship Grand Prix at the 1950 Monaco Grand Prix in his second race. British driver Jim Clark has got the most Grand Chelems, with a record number eight in a span of three years. The most recent was at the 2017 British Grand Prix, where Lewis Hamilton achieved the feat.

Let us take a look at the F1 drivers who have achieved the most number of grand slams.

List of F1 Drivers with Grand Chelem's:

Total Grand ChelemF1 DriverCountryGrand Prix
8Jim ClarkGreat Britain1962 British Grand Prix, 1963 Dutch Grand Prix, 1963 French Grand Prix, 1963 Mexican Grand Prix, 1964 British Grand Prix, 1965 South African Grand Prix, 1965 French Grand Prix, 1965 German Grand Prix
6Lewis HamiltonGreat Britain2014 Malaysian Grand Prix, 2015 Italian Grand Prix, 2017 Chinese Grand Prix,2017 Canadian Grand Prix, 2017 British Grand Prix, 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
5Alberto AscariItaly1952 French Grand Prix, 1952 German Grand Prix, 1952 Dutch Grand Prix, 1953 Argentine Grand Prix, 1953 British Grand Prix
5Michael SchumacherGermany1994 Monaco Grand Prix, 1994 Canadian Grand Prix, 2002 Spanish Grand Prix,2004 Australian Grand Prix, 2004 Hungarian Grand Prix
4Jackie StewartGreat Britain1969 French Grand Prix,, 1971 Monaco Grand Prix, 1971 French Grand Prix,, 1972 United States Grand Prix
4Ayrton SennaBrazil1985 Portuguese Grand Prix, 1989 Spanish Grand Prix, 1990 Monaco Grand Prix,1990 Italian Grand Prix
4Nigel MansellBrazil1991 British Grand Prix, 1992 South African Grand Prix, 1992 Spanish Grand Prix,1992 British Grand Prix
4Sebastian VettelGermany2011 Indian Grand Prix, 2012 Japanese Grand Prix, 2013 Singapore Grand Prix,2013 Korean Grand Prix
2Juan Manuel FangioArgentina1950 Monaco Grand Prix, 1956 German Grand Prix
2Jack BrabhamAustralia1960 Belgian Grand Prix, 1966 British Grand Prix
2Mika HäkkinenFinland1998 Brazilian Grand Prix, 1998 Monaco Grand Prix
2Nico RosbergGermany2016 Russian Grand Prix, 2016 European Grand Prix
1Mike HawthornGreat Britain1958 French Grand Prix,
1Stirling MossGreat Britain1959 Portuguese Grand Prix
1Jo SiffertSwitzerland1971 Austrian Grand Prix
1Jacky IckxBelgium1972 German Grand Prix
1Clay RegazzoniItaly1976 United States Grand Prix
1Niki LaudaAustria1976 Belgian Grand Prix
1Jacques LaffiteFrance1979 Brazilian Grand Prix
1Gilles VilleneuveCanada1979 United States Grand Prix
1Gerhard BergerAustria1987 Australian Grand Prix
1Damon HillGreat Britain1995 Hungarian Grand Prix
1Fernando AlonsoSpain2010 Singapore Grand Prix
1Max VerstappenNetherlands2021 Austrian Grand Prix

Which is most recent Grand Chelem in F1?

Seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton scored a Grand Slam in the 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain

Drivers who scored Grand Chelem at consecutive races

DriverCountryGrand Prix
Alberto AscariItaly1952 German Grand Prix and 1952 Dutch Grand Prix
Jim ClarkGreat Britain1963 Dutch Grand Prix and 1963 French Grand Prix
Sebastian VettelGermany2013 Singapore Grand Prix and 2013 Korean Grand Prix